About The Kenny Critic Huge Movie Blog

“Olo” from me and famous quote from “MEGAMIND”

In honor of a blog I used to do called superdad, and superdadTV this is my newest blog The Kenny Critic Huge Movie Blog.  I used the initials from my name so the acronym is The KCH Movie Blog.  If you came from superdad’s place I appreciate the stop in and make sure to comment, follow me or just say nice to see you.  Enjoy the site and I will be updating as much as possible.  Thank you WordPress for allowing to start this blog.  Here I rate and review movies with stars and have fun at the same time.  Enjoy!

Just added the Kenny Critic Huge Movie Blog Movie Store where nearly every review I have done is in the store.  All movies are from Amazon and available online now for your order.   Click here for more http://astore.amazon.com/thkecrhumobl-20

You can find me on twitter   Kenny’s twitter page

I enjoy movies watch a lot of them and am a dedicated father with two kids and their mother who is the rock in my world.  All of this is dedicated to them.  I have also been a contributing writer and do other reviews and articles at a site called helium.com here are links to them.  I continue to edit them even to this date.  Lastly make sure to check out the links within the posts they offer fun entertainment and picked by me they are not spam or advertisements.  The following are my movie reviews.

The Dark Knight

Paranormal Activity

Surf’s Up

The Social Network

Forgetting Sarah Marshall


We are Marshall



Kung Fu Panda


Get Him to the Greek


The Town

127 Hours


Due Date

Slumdog Millionaire



The Fighter

The Other Guys

Dinner for Schmucks

The Karate Kid (2010)

Despicable Me


Madagascar 2

All you tube stuff is from there I don’t own them I just share what I see.



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