Greatest Unlikely Hero Movies:The Post Never Posted Until Today

Yes my last post said final post. I wrote this a while back and never posted until today.  So today let’s talk about comebacks. The unlikely hero the feel good stories.  Movies that make you root for the little guy so here is a list of movies with some unlikely heroes.  Here is a video for the unlikely hero.  Check out all the links for unlikely hero moments
How about these unkikely heroes?

The Three Amigos

The Other Guys
When the top guns are no longer around you go with the Other Guys.

The Other Guys

They might not be marines but they get the job done.


Who you gonna call to take down a 100 foot marshmellow man?


Forrest Gump
A College all American, an american patriot and hero, a entrepreneur and always loved his mama.

Rocky Balboa
He fought Apollo, Mr.T, Ivan and probably could give Mayweather a run for his money.

Kung Fu Panda

Always trust a man with hook for a hand when it comes to bowling.

Dumb & Dumber
They did make it across country.

Wreck it Ralph

He just wanted to be good for once.

Terminator 2
Perhaps the biggest turn around performance from pure evil to “hey he’s not that bad.”


Johnny Five from Short Circuit 2

Captain America & Ironman

Captain America was just a person looked over as too small and not big enough while Tony Stark wanted to keep a legacy alive and not for the wrong way but for the right way.

The Explorers

A group of friends build a ship out of junk and take to the stars to find out we certainly are not alone in the galaxy


Sloth from the Goonies ” Hey you Guys!”

images (1)

The Last Star Fighter

Just a guy from a small town who likes a certain arcade game that changes him forever and becomes the Last Star Fighter!

Iron Eagle

Don’t mess with Doug Masters!

Flight of the Navigator

Just a kid who gets take a cool ship for a ride.

Tropic Thunder

They thought they were shooting a movie, until they had to turn into real heroes.


Luke and Leia from Star Wars.

Their Father Darth Vader wasn’t always a good guy but these two turned out to be some great heroes

Can you think of any other great unlikely heroes from movies, comments always welcomed?

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