The Final Post at the Kenny Critic Huge Movie Blog

Well it’s time to move on….. Now not from my enjoyment of movies but just from the Kenny Critic Huge Movie Blog.  It’s been a good run but as my life has become busier with other commitments and it’s difficult to put forth a great product when you have limited time.   It also may just me growing up or being more committed to my other endeavors but rest assure this was a lot of fun and this final post will be just that fun.  Even if this is your first visit here I hope you get a kick out of this as I had a great time making each post.

Now how do start a movie blog with an end?

How about super heroes?


Great lines?

Bad guys?

Great characters?

Even more characters?


Animated movies?

A Final Review, sure why not?


The Dark Knight Rises

Figure lets go out with a bang!  With a review of the “Dark Knight Rises” and always a bit more for my visitors.  Here is the final review at the blog.

It’s a peaceful time for Gotham City as this is a celebration of a 8 year anniversary of many events in Gotham.  One the disappearance of the cape crusader Batman, who is now a ex criminal and murderer of Harvey Dent in the minds of Gotham elite.  Two the death of Harvey Dent which also brought about he Dent Act that has pressured mob violence to an all time low since the law’s inception.  Three Commissioner Gordon has never been so popular but even he knows the truth that all of this peace and quite is not really all Dent’s doing but the man behind the mask who took the fall for Dent’s demise.

Speaking of the man behind the mask, Bruce Wayne has also gone into a long lasting family leave from Wayne Enterprises.  He has not been seen in Gotham for many years and Alfred is the only one that sees the once popular face of Gotham City.  Despite hosting this anniversary party Wayne is not one for public appearance even if he still is financing an event that does have its importance.

While not attending the party in Bruce’s estate Bruce does come across a woman dressed as one of his own but certainly not there to help Bruce but to steal something from Bruce Wayne.  As this woman has an ulterior motive to get private information against Bruce Wayne and perhaps force Bruce out of semi retirement from not only being Bruce Wayne but maybe returning as the Batman.

This woman is the one they call Catwoman and she has peeked Bruce’s interest as why she is targeting him?  Seems as this slick chick has got some important friends that are looking to oust Bruce Wayne from his own company, but why?  Bruce’s once proud enterprises has become a joke with his extended leave from the company.

Enter a man named Bane!  Bane has got some interest in other things that Wayne Enterprises does have and that is access to Fox, Bruce’s and Batman’s private investor for Batman’s many toys including a fusion reactor.  This reactor is intended for energy purposes however in the wrong hands is an atomic bomb with the power to destroy all of Gotham city.  Although Bane is not a subtle mercenary looking to just steal some toys he wants to plan revenge as Bane is an exiled member of Henri Duchard legion of darkness.  The guy Liam Neesen plays in “Batman Begins”.  Bane has got some anger to release and does it in a big way.

All of this of course brings Batman out of retirement and since Batman is seen as a murderer he becomes a side show in all of this Bane-ness and Batman once again takes the fall.  Bane plans everything to perfection, including using Catwoman to bring Batman to him and then Bane has his way with the once proud hero. Bane breaks Batman into pieces and hence can anyone really stop Bane with his plan for not only total annihilation but total anarchy among Gotham?  Bane has covered all angels including putting Commissioner Jim Gordon on the sidelines as well as taking care of the Mayor of Gotham with a big bang no one expects.

Only a few remain that can help and the Dark Knight must Rise again if anyone is going to stop Bane, his army and his destructive plan for total anarchy.

Overall the Dark Knight Rises was pretty good I’ll give it four stars.  I tried to separate this movie from the second and really that movie is its own movie now as the “Dark Knight.”  This movie and director Christopher Nolan tried to pry back into the original inception of Batman with the “Batman Begins” story and he ties this movie and that one in very well.  Even Liam Neesen has a cameo as well as twisted mind Scarecrow who has now been in all three movies whom completed the sweep in the saga.  Catwoman was a pleasant addition as well as Blake a police officer who has a common background with Bruce Wayne as an orphan that made it some how through the system.  Bane was good, not great as the Joker of course, but still he added a new dimension to this film that focused more on his tyrannical ways and his brute strength.  The voice took a while to get used to with a Darth Vader kind of affect but still it added more depth to his character which was enjoyable.  If you have not seen it, go ahead it is a good movie and a nice addition to the saga.

Batman Saga Tribute

How about some more Previews?

Anchorman 2

Hangover 3

Man of Steel

The Place Beyond the Pines

Despicable Me 2 and pretty much everything coming out this summer!

Thank You

In closing I just want to say thank you for all the fans on facebook, followers on wordpress and supporters all over.  It’s been fun and of  my movie madness will continue just not in blog form, you can come to my facebook fan page and I will still add things there at the page.  Things like small reviews, movie clips and other movie moments.  The fan page will just be there to continue the blog where the blog left off.  Who know’s? Much like the Dark Knight we might rise again!

I leave you with this and thank you!


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