Wreck it Ralph: Movie Review

Wreck it Ralph

Time to “Wreck it Ralph” as this review is going to be fun! Ralph is a bad guy stuck in a video game.  A really old video game as in more like an old arcade game.  Yeah not your PlayStation twelve or X Box 480; Ralph is in 8 bit horror.  Here is a review for a cool movie that really anyone who loved old classic arcade games would enjoy.

Moreover Ralph is tired of being the same bad guy that wrecks everything while his nemesis well actually good Samaritan Fix it Felix fixes everything Ralph destroys.  The 8 bit hotel and it’s inhabitants that Ralph always tries to wreck has always sided with Felix of course as Ralph does try to break their home anytime someone drops a quarter in the Wreck it Ralph game.  However what happens when the arcade closes and no one is playing?

One night Ralph peeks in after game time is over and the members of the hotel are having a party while  Ralph must go home to his rubble besides the hotel he destroys every day and feels a  bit left out as the party he believes should include him.  Ralph then decides for once, he wants to be hero for once.  Why can’t a bad guy be a hero for once?  Everyone in Felix’s hotel laugh at the very idea and Ralph decides to go and make a name for himself.

Ralph has a point to prove and the next day Ralph goes to the arcade terminal which is kind of like the grand central station where arcade characters go  to get away from their own surroundings when game time is in sleep mode, there Ralph meets up at his weekly bad guy anonymous group where he and the gang think about how their villainous ways and how their image really affect one another and once again here Ralph pleas with the group he wants to be  a hero and once again among his peers they differ that once you are proclaimed bad or evil you must play the part and accept your destiny.

After his meeting Ralph still can’t get over his emotions and decides to go and do the one thing no arcade character is allowed.  Go into another game that is not the Wreck it Ralph game and break the rules of cross gaming as this action could not only affect the future of his game but any other game he goes into.  It’s sort of like in” the movie “Ghostbusters” ‘Do not cross the streams!”  He finds a new game called Hero’s Duty where Ralph might just find his metal and be a hero after all.

One huge problem? Ralph is not really up for being in a 3 dimensional world as his 8 bit persona are not quite ready for Hero’s Duty and when the game begins Ralph becomes a distraction to the real life player and Ralph is already starting to wreck things and not just in his own game but in others as well.  While in Hero’s Duty he breaks all rules and does get his medal but his actions create a new rift that send him to another game called Sugar Land where there Ralph may destroy their game also with Ralph’s action.

Ralph is surely trying to Wreck everything as once a game is seemed as not working properly in the real world it could cause an and end to the arcade games themselves and Ralph would be the next Turbo.  A former arcade great character who also went through an identity crisis and went over the edge.  Has Ralph lost his mind or will some how Ralph actually fix the problem he created?  Meanwhile back at “Wreck it Ralph” their game has become in jeopardy of being terminated for good without Ralph. Fix it Felix is the only one able to go try to find Ralph and help fix everything.  While searching for Ralph he runs into Calhoun from Hero’s Duty and she too is on a mission to stop Ralph from destroying anything else and the two become a strange duo to help bring back Ralph to sanity.

Meanwhile Ralph is lost in Sugar Land and there he loses his new metal from Hero’s Duty to a  feisty girl named Venellope   A girl who just want to race in the biggest race in her arcade world but for some reason no one wants her to as she has some irregularities about her that could cause problems for the other racers including King Candy the over seerer of the grand race.  The only way Venellope will give Ralph’s medal back is if Ralph helps her get into the big race.  Ralph might just wreck more games before he ever know’s his own is in jeopardy.

In summary “Wreck it Ralph” was a great movie.  I’ll give it four and half stars as it was my favorite animated movie of the year by far and will be pulling for it at the Oscars this month.  Disney has done it again and will rank up with other animated greats like “Toy Story” and “Monster Inc.”  Don’t be surprised if you don’t see a sequel as rumors are already spilling that this story could only be the beginning for “Wreck it Ralph.”

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