Top Five Most Visited, Revisited & Memorable Posts

While working on the last few posts for the grand finale of the Kenny Critic Huge Movie Blog here is a re cap of the top five most visited posts at this blog.   If you stick around after that a few of my own personal favorite and most memorable posts. Enjoy and in case you are new to the site or just can’t get enough since the last time welcome back.

"One more show"

#1 Fan Favorite

The Muppets are back and ready to find the inner Muppet within you.  With countless years and years of zero blockbuster movies that fans were accustomed to when the Muppet Show was a TV  juggernaut ,  it is time a  new generation of fans are  sure to  be born after the newest movie “The Muppets.”   Here is a review for The Muppet’s movie and who knows? Perhaps a tribute to more Muppet moments from the past.   Hey, we are in March people March Madness, Muppet Madness it makes sense.

Walter and Gary are brothers that have been through everything together.  Gary has always been there for Walter, regardless if he is a Muppet.  Walter is just your average Muppet that feels out-of-place sometimes living in Small Town USA with Gary and his wife Mary.  Mary and Gary’s ten-year anniversary are coming up and Gary always wanted to take Mary to Los Angles for their ten-year anniversary.   In addition Los Angeles is also home to Walter’s favorite Muppets, the gang from the Muppet Show.

Gary and Walter loved the Muppets when they were a big hit with the Muppet Show.  Walter never missed a show  and he is their number one fan.  Gary decides to take Walter on the trip to Los Angeles so that Walter can see the original Muppet studio where the Muppet Show was performed. However Gary warns Walter that the Muppet Show has not been on television for many years and many of the Muppets have not been seen for years and  is afraid that Walter will be disappointed to see that studio is now a forgotten landmark.

Such a forgotten landmark  that the deed for the studio space for the Muppet Show is about to run out.  Walter stumbles upon Tex Richman and his Muppet henchman while touring the studio in a secret meeting that once the deed runs out on the Muppet studio it will indeed be his to control and despite his first idea to make the studio a Muppet Museum, yet Tex has some other more moniacle plans to tear down the Muppet Show studio  for good and turn the area into a new oil reserve.

Walter is stunned to hear this evil plan to destroy his once beloved Muppets that he must do something and try to warn the Muppets that their studio is in grave danger.  With the help of Gary and Mary the three try to search for the frog, the legend , the forgotten green one , the one and only Kermit the Frog.  The three do indeed find Kermit yet Kermit is not been keeping up with the Muppet gang much these days.  He in fact has also lost touch with the whole gang because Kermit and the Muppets have not been a popular trend in the last ten years and more.  Walter Gary and Mary need to really get Kermit out of his funk and get him to go find the rest of the Muppets and save the Muppet Studio before Tex Richman destroys the one thing still standing that resembles the Muppets and their legacy.

Kermit with the help of 80’s robot, Mary, Gary and Walter can only save the studio if they somehow raise ten million dollars before the deed runs out.  Kermit believes the only way to raise that kind of money is to put on one last show live in Muppet Studios.  Let the road trip begin as Kermit must go on the road and find his now long-lost friends  and put on one more show to save the Muppets. Will the gang be the same?  Will the show even be a hit considering the Muppets are a  thing of the past?  Will Tex Richman indeed be the one that destroys the Muppets once and for all including taking their identities and remaking a spoof group called the Moopets?  All the Muppet Madness can only lead  to this movie that is full of surprise guests, Muppet humor like fart shoes and maybe a few short musical numbers.

Overall the Muppets was a good movie.  I wouldn’t say it was five-star material, but it was good to see the Muppet gang back and give it four stars.  Jason Segel wrote the story of the Muppets and did a great job creating the new Muppet Walter and the story.  I just didn’t like how Gary and Mary in the movie acted like complete morons and were really not that funny.  The Muppet movies of the past used close to life characters and these characters a were a bit too phony.  Cris Cooper as Tex Richman was a big stretch for me, including his short musical number which was kind of a dud .  The best part of this movie was the fact they are trying to re-create the Muppet Show and that is what this whole experience was about remembering such a great show.     The kids loved it and it’s nice to see that a new generation is going to see the revival of a franchise that was starting to be forgotten.

“Favorite clip of mine a little Dirty Dancing humor.”

“Muppet Montage”

“We Built This City’


“Mahna Mahnam”

“Favorite part, Animal eating through the gate”

“Keep pretending and thank you Jim Henson.”

“One more tribute”

Jim Hensen September 24, 1936 – May 16, 1990

In 2012 we will see the emergence of the “Avengers.”  In order to build a hype next summer we saw two big players of the “Avengers” this past summer. “Thor” and now “Captain America” have surfaced and we are itching closer to the grand movie that will connect all of the Avenger players.  For now there must be a beginning and here is Captain America’s beginning in the movie review “Captain America.:The First Avenger”

Steve Rogers is your typical every day guy who want’s nothing more than to serve his country. During World War II, Steve just wants to join any of our armed forces that will take him.  One big problem or in Steve’s case a small problem, is him who is hardly a heavy towel when sopping wet, if you get my drift. He is short, small and not exactly what out fighting forces are looking for to fight one of the largest threats this world has ever seen in history.

Meanwhile Steve’s best friend, James has been accepted to fight in the great war while Steve is left to see his best friend off to a war where he wishes he could join.  Then as his best friend is off someone notices Steve a certain Dr. Arnim Zola who has been watching Steve from a far. He has noticed that every attempt to become a soldier has failed for Steve and this Dr believes he may be able to help.  Steve is then offered an opportunity for a special unit that is being developed that will turn this war for good.

Steve of course accepts this challenge as this may be the only way he can serve his county and Steve is off to a special boot camp where he meets Colonel Chester Phillips.  Colonel Phillips is in charge of developing a special unit of the army that will in fact change the way this war is fought creating a new soldier that will not only be quicker and stronger but mightier that what the enemy which includes the German special forces and military intelligence of the Red Skull.  An enemy to the Allies and a contributor of the Axis powers whom also are developing weapons of mass destruction at an alarming rate that could tilt the power struggle in this world war.

After much doubt by Colonel Phillips, that Steve Rogers is the the next greatest American hero of the world war against Germany.  Dr. Zola and a man who shouldn’t need any introduction Dr. Howard Stark are ready to perform a procedure to change Steve into the ultimate soldier. With a flick of a switch Steve is changed and many including Peggy Carter a military specialist assigned to Steve are impressed with this drastic change that makes Steve like a born again soldier.

At first the new Steve Rogers is still looked at as more a of a science project and less of a soldier according to his commanding officers. Steve becomes more of a side show that captures the attention of the United States but is hardly a respected soldier among his Army peers, especially going up against the forces of the Red Skull who continues their growing strength.  Steve will have to change the minds of those who doubt him again and show everyone that he is indeed the first avenger.

Overall the movie was a nice beginning but still more excited for the “Avengers.”  I give the movie four stars as I thought this story was good and the connection that leads Steve Rogers to the present Avengers is something the viewer should experience and not let someone like myself spoil for the rest.  You must see to decide and this is certainly a great new beginning to Captain America and the next chapter is what really everyone is waiting for next summer of 2012.

Not exactly the preview for Avengers but nicely done!

The real 2012 trailer added recently

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This post is done in honor of Veterans Day 2011. Make sure you thank a soldier and give tribute on November 11, 2011.

#3 Fan Favorite

“Bad Teacher” is a kind way of describing Cameron Diaz in her latest role as a middle school teacher in Chicago Illinois.  While be thankful for your boss today as the three bosses from “Horrible Bosses” will make you want to give them a hug when you return to work.  Here are two full reviews, sort of a trick or treat for the guests.

“Bad Teacher” Elizabeth Halsey is about to put in her resignation as her first year of teaching is about to end.  Elizabeth no longer needs teaching in her life as she is looking to settle down with here very wealthy fiance.  Summer begins and with teaching now behind her she can now look forward to all that money she can now spend on herself.  One problem the mother in law sees right through Elizabeth and sees that she spent a lot of money recently and her boyfriend decides to call every thing off including Elizabeth’s lavish lifestyle.

Three months later Elizabeth has no choice but to return to the same school that she resigned from and Ms. Halsey must suck it up and teach again.  Her lack of motivation is shown on her first day as she puts on a movie for her kids the very first day.  Then Elizabeth spots her next possible way out of this so called Hell hole by spotting a new substitute who comes from another wealthy family Scott Dellacorte(Justin Timberlake.)  However big problem or in the case with Elizabeth her two small problems as Scott has a liking to very big breasted girls and Elizabeth is sort of lacking in that department.

Elizabeth decides that to compete for Scott’s money and love she must get a breast enlargement that costs nearly ten thousand dollars.  Money that this middle school salaried teacher hardly has and must go to extreme measures to making money real fast.  Ms Hasley transforms herself from a bad teacher to even worse teacher using school resources and parents to help get her much-needed breast enlargement procedure.

Meanwhile a fellow teacher, who reminds me of a teacher played by Molly Rinwold but not Molly Rinwold, is watching Mrs Hasley’s every move and better watch her back.  Amy Squirrel, who also has a fondness for Mr Dellacorte, is one wierd teacher that enjoys teaching and is questioning Ms. Hasley’s teaching style or lack there of this past and current year.  In addition Mr Russel Gettis(Jason Segel) the schools very proud gym teacher has always had an eye for Ms. Hasley but Elizabeth has eyes for only one man, Scott  Despite this constant rejection Mr. Gettis changes for no woman and will not sink low for Elizabeth Hasley.

If you can’t tell this movie definitely falls in the comedy realm and shouldn’t be a calling to our nations teaching problems.  Just a movie that shows how one Bad Teacher is willing to pull off anything to get her new large breasts.  A very funny movie with a lot of mature humor with a little day drinking in the classroom.  I really enjoyed the movie and give the movie four and a half stars!  You will be laughing at all of the teachers like Lynn Davis and the even Principal Wally Snur.  Kirk the roommate was by far the best character outside the school limits.  If you don’t like “Bad Teacher” then you certainly will revisit some of those memories of some of your favorite or horrible teachers.

Speaking of horrible, “Horrible Bosses” is far from a very horrific movie.  Here is a review for the movie Horrible Bosses.

Nick, Dale and Kurt are three friends with three similar problems.  They love their work and love what they do but their bosses are making their life at work a living nightmare.  Nick’s boss, Dave Harken runs a very succesful business and is looking to pass on the reigns of Vice President to Nick.  After long work and long dedication Nick sees the light as someone who goes by the motto kiss your boss’s ass and good thing happen.  Unfortunately things just got worse as Nick’s dreams go up in smoke when Mr Harken decides to not only stay as president but also takes a minimum pay increase to take on the job of vice president.  Nick not happy!

Dale’s dilemma may not seem horrible for you but for him he is a guy who just wants to enjoy his new lifestyle as a happily engaged man.  Unfortunate for Dale his boss Dr. Julia Harris, a proud dentist of the community, is a very seductive boss who wants to play dirty with her favorite dental assistant Dale.  Dale just wants to work without Dr Harris showing up naked, but he is handcuffed because of his own questionable past that prevents Dale from speaking out against his boss.

Meanwhile Kurt loves his work and has a great boss.  Kurt looks to be the next top dog at his boss’s, Mr Pellit succesful small business.  Only one huge problem.  The great fantastic boss of Kurt dies suddenly and the company decides to leave the company in the hands of Mr Pellit’s son Bobby.  A son who wants nothing more than to party in his dad’s private bathroom and take his role as boss as a demonstrative asshole who cares for no one.  Unless you are ridiculously good-looking.

As you see three friends with three similar problems.  Three Horrible Bosses and three men who demand a change.  Good thing Dean MF Jones enters and helps Nick, Kurt and Dales life as a murder consultant.  Actually just a guy at a local bar in the rough part of town who looks to just help his own pocket book. Thankfully for MF Jones these three are desperate to improve their current work situations and will listen to anyone for help.  The three and MF Jones come up with a plan for each of them Dale, Kurt and Nick to take out each other’s boss good old Throw Momma from the Train style.  Good old criss cross murder plan sure to be succesful.  Oh wait this is Nick, Dale and Kurt three guys hardly ready to be America’s Next Most Wanted Criminals.

Overall “Horrible Bosses” was good from beginning to end. It was worth the time and something different for once as a comedy. I will give it four stars and say that the movie could have been a slight better.  Collin Ferrell and Jamie Foxx were my favorite characters but nice to see Charlie Day in another good movie and Jason Sudeikis along with the ride.  Jennifer Aniston plays a very nice naughty dentist while Kevin Spacey as Mr Harken is spot on again in a movie.  Jason Bateman has had better roles but still not too bad.  Horrible Bosses is a top-notch comedy!

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#4 Fan Favorite

“Smurf it,” here is an attempt to do a movie review for “The Smurfs.”  A story that brings our favorite blue little, dwarf like but loveable Smurfs to the big screen. Papa Smurf see’s a vision and everything they know is about to change.

Gargamel has always been a threat to the Smurfs.  He is fascinated with their Smurfness.  He wants to use Smurfs for his evil magic and with the help of his loyal cat Azrael they seek out to capture all the Smurfs. Papa Smurf foresees  a vision and when Gargamel comes to destroy their home to capture them Papa Surf and the rest run and when they go the wrong way Papa Smurf starts to realize his vision is happening now!  The Smurfs run from Gargamel and find a portal which takes them to another world. The new world is New York City and the Smurfs have arrived.  The  portal closes but long enough for Gargamel and his cat Azrael to enter them to cross into New York.  The Smurfs run from them and then find themselves in a new place with no idea to get back to their other Smurfs.

Papa Smurf, Smurfetee, Grouchy, Greedy, Hefty, Clumsy and Brainy need help to get home so they target Patrick.  Patrick has no time to help these Smurfs as he has a baby of his own on his way with his wife Grace and has a busy career in marketing.  Of course the Smurfs scare Patrick and Grace but these are Smurfs how can you hate a Smurf.  The Smurfs enter their home and eventually all become friends.

Meanwhile Gargamel is still in pursuit for his Smurfs, however he too has never been to a big city and nothing like New York City.  Gargamel being a wizard uses his magic to manipulate people with his powers and  with a recent finding of a strand of Smurffette hair Gargamel can now make  a special weapon to help capture and destroy the Smurfs once and for all.   Are the Smurfs doomed and will they ever return home?  Or will Papa, the rest of the Smurfs and their new friends in New York be able to out smart the clever Gargamel?

What the Smurf was that?  Well it’s the Smurfs how can you hate them?  Now many critics have gone out and disliked this film but my own personal experience and my helper critics are my kids and they loved this movie.    The animation was cool and the characters were just like how we all remembered them when we were younger.  All the actors and actresses like Katie Perry as Smurfette and George Lopez as Grouchy added to the Smurfs and their personality.  The very animated Hank Azaria portrays the character of Gargamel and he did fine, a little creepy at times, it’s Gargamel he lives in the forest and chases Smurfs.  Azreal was a cunning cat and always at his wizard’s side.  While I have seen Neal Patrick Harris done worse in his acting and Sofia Vergera was a nice surprise in the movie as one of Gargamel’s allies and Patrick’s demanding boss.  If you have children or are still at a child at heart go “what the Smurf” and watch “The Smurfs”.  Three out of Five Stars.

Since you stayed this long here are my favorite posts of the Kenny Critc Huge Movie Blog

Summer Movie Classics

Summer is a perfect time to put together a collection of classic movies that are  a must see for any summer.   Here are some recommendations of movies that must be watched and if you can think of any others be free to comment or recommend a movie that I don’t mention on this post.  These ten movies are based in summer and some are old and some are more recent.

Summer Rental     Four Stars

John Candy as Jack Chester is a over worked and over stressed air traffic controller needing a break.  What better than a summer trip to sunny Florida for the family?  However when the Floridians are not so welcome and these Chicagoans are tested to the limit, they have no choice but to do what they know best.  Fight for their own respect and dignity but not without a few sun burns, broken limbs and help with a pair of oversize shorts they just might be asked to come back next year.

Summer School      Three Stars

Before Mark Harmon was chasing criminals in the hit TV series NCIS he had to teach summer school in the 1980s.  Not just ordinary summer school but students that were not only bad students but a bunch of misfits.  Can Mr Schoop, who is more ready for his own summer vacation, teach these kids not only standard English 101 but also a few life lessons on the way.  Just watch out for Chainsaw he might try to kill someone.

Nerds in Paradise     Two Stars

NERDS!!! Yes they are back and this time invading the beaches of Florida.  Booger wants to get laid but must learn some valuable lessons and the rest of the gang have to once again fight for their own respect as the Alpha Beta representatives are not willing to share the beach with these Nerds! However never underestimate this group as they are out to show all of Florida that they mean business, even if it means rediscovering a tank and storming the beaches of Florida.

“Jaws”       Five Stars

“Smile you son of a bitch!” One of my favorite movie lines of all time and hands down the best summer movie ever!  How can you beat this Summer movie classic?  From start to finish no movie is better and I dare to challenge anyone who says otherwise?

“Vacation”  Five Stars

A summer trip across the country to Wally World.  The Griswolds will be known always as the family that will always remind you to fly to your favorite family destination.  Don’t ever drive thousands of miles, it’s just better to save the sanity and take a plane.

“Independence Day”   Three Stars

Bad acting but great effects.  Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum an unlikely duo while Jeff Pullman as President, really?  Anyways the film worked and was huge at the box office and I think I saw it three times when it came out.  Movies of today try to capture the lure that this movie gives out.

“Caddyshack”    Five Stars

Most people that visit this blog already know I love this movie, but in the Summer time it is just a lil bit better.  What is your favorite line or expression ever?  If you have not seen this movie then you are placing shame upon yourself.   Don’t blow it buddy, go get your Tie on,  bring out the Journey and just dance.  Beware of the gopher and the golfers and also keep your Snickers bar away from the pool.  If you do watch then everyone gets laid and Carl will be happy that you just stopped in for some cannon balling and not just at his shed.  Just beware of those Nieces that come visit the course that are not out to just play golf and Ms Green we are watching.  Then and only then you just might be the next youngest Master’s Champion.

“500 Days of Summer”  Four Star

This is not a love story more like what love does to people.

“Little Miss Sunshine”  Five Stars

This movie  will make you laugh and cry all in the same scene.  Plus this song is great along with getting down with “SuperFreak.”  My favorite character is Alan Arkin and favorite quote. “A real loser is someone who’s so afraid of winning he doesn’t even try.”

“Dazed and Confused”   Four Stars

“Alright, alright, alright” the movie that made people want to live back in the 70s.  Except for the fact of being an incoming Freshman at this High School

Enjoy your Summer I know I will.

Show me the way to go home.

“Adventureland”    Four Stars

You know I almost forgot one of my favorite summer movies “Adventuteland.”  How can I forget this great movie?  My favorite characters are the owners of the park played by Bill Hader and Kristen Wig.

2009 was a great year for movies “Up in the Air”, “Inglorious Bastards,” “Up,” “Avatar” and some how and some way “I Love You Man” slipped through the cracks for myself.  Luckily I have gone back in time and now can say I am an idiot for not seeing this movie sooner.  Here is a review of “I Love You, Man.”

Peter Klavin(Paul Rudd) is a guy that every woman would die to be with, compassionate, great with the fiance’s friends, just great for a girls night on the town.  Oh wait, Peter is a man and because of his over caring for his significant other he finds himself with no male compadres.  His whole time being with Zooey(Rashida Jones) he has neglected the fact that his best friend is now his brother Robbie( Adam Samberg) yet he seems to have been taken by his own father Oswald Klaven( J.K. Simmons).  Even his own family knows that Peter is just not that kind of guy going out to seek bromance.

Peter takes offense and decides it is time to grab the balls and go find a man to hang with and maybe find a best man for his upcoming wedding.   He tries hanging with his soon to be brother in law Barry( Jon Favreau) but that guy is kind of a dick especially after Peter throws up all over him. So During this man search Peter tries to find men to bond with but for some reason just keeps striking out.  Meanwhile Peter is in the high end real estate business of L.A. and one of his clients is the huge Lou Faringo.  A giant man looking to sell his fabulous house, that does seem to be kind, but don’t make Lou upset is all I have to say as Peter is not only struggling to find a quality bro but also struggling with his job to appease his clients.

With all hope to find a man lost for Peter he by accident or perhaps coincidence at one of his Lou Ferrigno’s open houses runs into Sydney Fife(Jason Segel).  Sydney and Peter hit off well and after a few man jokes Peter decides to give Sydney Fife his card.  Okay not in a gay kind of way, but just seeing if the man will hang and maybe throw back a few cold ones with Peter.  A few brews and a few fish tacos the two hit it off really well.  The two certainly start to hang more and find out they both have a fond fascination with a certain band called Rush.  Things are starting to look great for Peter as his man search and best man search might be ending, but is this Sydney giving off some bad vibes to the new fiance.  Oh dear Peter can’t seem to win and maybe this bromance thing was a bad idea?

All in all I love You Man is hilarious.  I enjoyed it and give it four and a half stars.  Almost as good as “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” which is my all time favorite Jason Segel movie with Paul Rudd in that one as well as the stoner surfer guy.   All the characters in “I love You, Man” brought humor as Adam Samberg did a great job, J.K Simmons well he is J.K Simmons he is awesome and always the one I turn to for my Famrers Insurance needs as well.  Jon Favreau played the asshole role very well and Lou Ferrigno was good when he needed to be as the fight between he and Sydney was legendary.   For the women Rashida Jones is just showing up in a lot of movies lately and Jaime Pressly is  a riot and wife to Barry who seem to just be a match in heaven.  Go see “I Love You, Man” in case you have failed to catch it as it will get your balls back.

Ultimate Rocky Tribute

With Memorial Day around the corner it’s that time of year to pay homage to bad asses.  With my Memorial post coming soon I figure let’s start this whole thing off with a Tribute to Rocky.  One of my favorite bad asses of them all.  Who knows maybe I’ll throw a few Rambo scenes in here also to kick off Memorial Day tribute.  First we start where it all began.

Rocky I

It all started with a brawler from Philly, Rocky Balboa who never got a shot at anything.   Now gets the shot of a lifetime against the heavyweight champion of the World Apollo Creed.

Here are some lines to remember

Mickey: ” You’re gonna eat lighting and you’re gonna crap thunder!”

Adrian:  “Why do you want to fight?”

Rocky: “Because I can’t sing or dance”

Apollo Creed:  “Apollo Creed vs the Italian Stallion.  Sounds like a damn monster movie”

Rocky II

Rocky versus Apollo again, that’s right and this time Rocky got Adrian in his corner for good.  However when Adrian becomes pregnant and over works herself Rocky is lost without his true love in his corner.  Apollo means business and Rocky just got too much on his head.  Will Rocky be able to get it all together as Mickey trains Rocky in a whole different way.

Here are some lines to remember

Rocky:  “I feel like a Kentucky Fried idiot.”

Mickey:  “Hey Rock. It’s three in the morning. I went up to your house there and they told me you was here. It’s three a.m kid. You know that Adrian, she’s a good girl. Me, you know I’m sorry for both of ya. There’s nothing I can do about it. Exceptuh I wanna tell you this once and then uh I ain’t gonna say it again. But Rock you got another shot. This is the second shot. At uh I don’t know the biggest title in the world, you’re gonna be swapping punches with, with the most dangerous fighter in the world. And just in case you know your brain ain’t workin’ so good. All this happens pretty soon and you ain’t ready. You know you’re no where near in shape. So I say for God’s sake. Why don’t you stand up and fight this guy hard? Like you done before that was beautiful! But don’t lay down like this! Like uh I don’t know like some kind of mongrel  or something. Cause he’s gonna kick your face in pieces! That’s right! This guy doesn’t just wanna win you know, he want to bury ya, he wants to humiliate ya, he wants to prove to the whole world that you was nothing but some kind of freak the first time out. He said you were a one time lucky bum! Well now I don’t wanna get mad in a biblical place like this. But I think you’re a hell of a lot more than that kid! A hell of a lot! But now wait a minute if you wanna blow this thing if you wanna blow it then damn it I’m gonna blow it with ya. If you wanna stay here I’ll stay with ya. I stay with ya. I’ll stay and pray. What do I got to lose?”

Rocky: It’s Apollo

Mickey: “Who were you expecting?”

Rocky: “I was hoping he didn’t show.”

Reporter: “Do you have something derogatory to say about the champ?”

Rocky: “Derogatory? Yeah he’s great.”

Adrian: “There’s just one thing I want you to do for me.”

Rocky: What’s that?

Adrian:”Win !”

Rocky: “Yo Adrian! I did it!”

Rocky III

Rocky is the champ and feeling good!  Then Mr. T , Clubber Lane  shows up and wants piece of the champ.  Meanwhile Rocky is doing charity events with Thunderlips(Hulk Hogan).  Rocky takes a beating and when things can’t get any worse Rock loses his beloved trainer Mickey. Who will save Rocky? How about Apollo Creed!

More lines to remember

Reporter “What you’re prediction for the fight?”

Clubber Lang:  “Pain!”

Thunderlips:  “The ultimate male versus the ultimate meatball.”

Reporter : “What you think of Apollo Creed training Rocky?”

Clubber Lang: “Apollo Who? You talking about that old fool Apollo Creed?”

Apollo:  “There is no tomorrow!”

Clubber “I’m gonna to bust you up.”

Rocky: “Go for it.”

Rocky: “You ain’t so bad!”

This video below works, you can’t take the eye of the tiger away baby!

Rocky IV

On the verge of retirement Rocky Balboa feels it’s time to hang it up.  Apollo feels like he has got one fight left despite not fighting for many years. Apollo eyes a new enemy someone that is from the land and as big and powerful as the the once proud soviet union.  Ivan Drago brings Rocky back when Apollo is dropped by Ivan like a light paper weight.  Rocky turns to Apollo’s trainer to get it back one more time to avenge Apollo!

Lines to Remember 

Apollo: “You get that heavy bag with eyeballs in the ring and your going to know the meaning of pain.”

Ivan:” If he dies, he dies”

Pauly “Whoa Violent?  Hey we don’t keep our people behind  a wall with machine guns.”

Nicoli Karoff:  “Who do you think you are?”

Pauly: “Who am I? I’m the unsilent majority, big mouth!”

Ivan:” I must break you”

Duke: “What’s Happening out there?”

Rocky:” I see three of them out there.”

Pauly: “Hit the one in the middle.”

Duke: “Right! Hit the one in the middle.”

Duke and Rocky: “No Pain, No Pain, No Pain.”

Rocky V

Rocky has proved it all and now some Don King wanna be wants to challenge Rocky to another title fight.  Rocky is far away capable of fighting after his tremendous beating in Russia.  He retires but then Rocky’s family is hit with  a financial crisis and the family is back living the life they once knew from the beginning.  An amateur boxer Tommy Gun approaches Rocky to maybe have him train Tommy.   Thinking he can train like his mentor, Mickey Tommy gets good fast and then jumps Rocky’s boat and jumps back to the man that first offered Rocky the title fight.  Rocky teaches the young punk a lesson to watch who you roll with, not in the ring but in the streets of Philly.

Lines to Remember

After Tommy hitting Pauly

Rocky:  “You knocked him down, why don’t you try to knock me down now.”

Rocky:” Hey Yo Tommy, I didn’t hear no bell.”

Mickey: “Get up you son of a bitch! ‘Cause Mickey loves you!”

George W Duke:  “C’mon pug, touch me and I’ll sue”

Rocky: “Sue me for what?”

This one below is real good Tommy Gun aint nothing against Rocky!

Rocky Balboa

Everyone’s favorite Italian Stallion hasn’t been in a ring for a looong time.  Rocky is now a restaurant owner and his son is all grown up now with Adrian who has now passed on.  Although Rocky’s shadow follows his son everywhere and now a new debate has risen about the current heavy weight champion, Mason “The Line” Dixon weather he could take out Rocky in his prime.  Both fighters are glorified champions but never got the chance to meet.  Until Rocky decides what the hell, something tells him and Rocky ends his career where it started in the ring one more time.  Now this is the way fans wanted Rocky going out and  I guess Duke has one more fight to train for, oh yeah!

Best Lines

Duke:”You know all there is to know about fighting so there’s no sense us going down that same old road again. To beat this guy, you need speed – you don’t have it. And your knees can’t take the pounding, so hard running is out. And you got arthritis in your neck, and you’ve got calcium deposits on most of your joints, so sparring is out.
Paulie: “I had that problem.”
Duke: “So, what we’ll be calling on is good ol’ fashion blunt force trauma. Horsepower. Heavy-duty, cast-iron, piledriving punches that will have to hurt so much they’ll rattle his ancestors. Every time you hit him with a shot, it’s gotta feel like he tried kissing the express train. Yeah! Let’s start building some hurtin’ bombs!”

Mason Dixon: “You one crazy old man.”

Rocky:  “You’ll get there.”

Rocky: “The world aint no sunshine and rainbows.”

Rocky Jr: “Hey stay on him! Everyone thought this was a joke, including me! Now nobody is laughing! Stay on him!”

Thanks to memorable quotes and angelfire for the awesome Rocky quotes. I apologize for some of  the you tube videos getting pulled, Rocky has it’s own Italian Stallion on the copyrights to Rocky videos. Go there and come back and check out the rest.

Let’s end it with Rocky Balboa and one of my favorite father son speeches

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