Arthur Christmas:Movie Review & Happy Holidays!!

Arthur Christmas

Some of the Best Holiday Movies are “Christmas Vacation” “Dr Seues’s How The Grinch that Stole Christmas,” “A Christmas Story,” but now maybe “Arthur Christmas?”

One movie you must see this  Holiday season is “Arthur Christmas”   Arthur works for the family business at the north pole and this year he receives  a letter that doubts the existence of Santa Claus from a little girl. Arthur is determined to prove her that there indeed is a Santa Claus, as long as she is fulfilled with her wish for her gift this year.  One big problem is that this little girls gift gets lost in the mix up on Christmas night and the gift is forgotten on Santa’s new and improved 2.0 sleigh.  A sleigh that is so technologically advanced built by the elves and with the supervision of the older brother of Arthur and powering the real Santa whom they have never forgotten a gift under their watch until this Christmas night.

With only a small window of time before the little girl wakes up Christmas morning, Arthur must take the forgotten gift to the girl or her belief in Santa and Christmas will be gone for good.  Can Arthur save Christmas?  Perhaps, but not the new and improved way with the new sleigh instead with the help of Grandpa Santa and an old sleigh that is powered by real reindeer.  Arthur not known as the apparent runner-up to be the next Santa Claus has no choice but to put on his best Santa hat on and get the job done and get it right.  As long as grandpa doesn’t get him lost on the way or even found out that he is over stepping the big boss himself.

Arthur Christmas was a nice little story great for kids and should be added to some of those great children Holiday movies in your collection.  I”ll give it three and half stars and worth a see before this Holiday season is over.

Here is some extra stuff about Arthur Christmas

Bonus Christmas Mash Up!!

Happy Holidays!!

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