The Amazing Spiderman:Movie Review


It’s only been years since we saw “Spiderman 3.”  People seemed to not like that latest movie so a reboot was in order.  Now we have ‘The Amazing Spiderman” and with “The Avengers” dominating super hero movies lately it seemed as thou Spidey was losing its ground.  Here is a review of “The Amazing Spiderman.”

Peter Parker is smart but perhaps too smart for his own good.  After his parents suddenly disappear when he was just  a child Peter has recently found something from his father’s past.  A scientific journal that had seemed to be locked away from anyone to see until Peter stumbles upon when he is a teenager in high school.  Now under the watch of his Aunt May and Uncle Ben he sees that this journal has  a special formula that even the brightest scientist would find difficult to answer.  Peter is determined to figure out what this all means and see that this was indeed from his father’s old work at Oscorp.

Peter goes investigates Oscorp and doesn’t realize his girlfriend crush Gwen Stacey is an intern working at Oscorp as a tour guide as a recent tour for the visitors of Oscorp whom Peter sleekly finds a way in the tour.  He runs into Doctor Curt Conners one of Oscorps leading scientists who is researching the ability to regenerate human cells with lizard DNA and their ability to regenerate when certain body parts are detached.  A fondness for Dr Conners as someone too has had lost his arm to an accident early in his life.  Peter is intrigued by Dr Conners as someone who used to work with late Dr Parker and Dr Conners is also intrigues that Peter who has his father’s smarts.

Peter then runs a little off course and runs into a lab where a certain special spider is there waiting and bites Peter.  Peter immediately feels strange and exits out Oscorp immediately before people learn where he was and not where he was supposed to be.  Changes are immediate and all of sudden weak Peter who is bullied at school frequently, suddenly has some new source of strength but afraid to tell anyone.

Peter now has new strength and new abilities he never imagined.  With no one else to turn to he goes to Dr Conners for further questions about he and his father’s history and reveals he indeed is Dr. Parker’s son.  Peter shows Dr Conners the secret formula that Peter discovered from his fathers journal and the two begin to work with the formula with each other on Dr Conners  lizard research.

With pressure on both Peter form Aunt May and Uncle Ben this resent workings with Dr Conners has become a distraction for Peter.  Meanwhile Peter has a now a new fondness with his abilities to help others in harm’s way.  After a bad tragedy with Peter’s uncle Ben  Plus also hanging out more with Gwen with a new-found confidence.   He goes out at night with his new abilities and a new web shooter that he designs and the early Spiderman is unleashed.  Meanwhile Dr Conners has pressure from his bosses and that his research has been going on too long with little or no  results and Dr Conners must finally use his work on a human subject besides little lizards and with no other choice he decides to start experimenting on his own self and his arm.

Dr Conners does indeed grow his arm back with his formula he and Peter developed.  However a big side effect occurs as Conners starts to turn into a lizard with a new sense of aggressiveness that he has never had before.  Dr Conners normally is a  kind heated man but now become a  rather large aggressive half lizard that wants to show the world that he indeed is ready to unleash his new work but also unleash some carnage on the way to the top.  With every injection of Dr Conners’ formula he continues to become worse and The Lizard is taking over the mind and body of Dr Conners.  Now Peter is the only one that can stop Dr Conners’ who he feels is partly responsible for his transformation and The Amazing Spiderman must save the day.

Overall I liked this version of Spiderman to be honest.  It was a fresh take on this story and it was in mind pretty good as I’ll give it four stars.  I was very hesitant to see this but glad I did as it is as good as the original Spiderman if not a bit better.  There are some stars in this movie to give it a boost that the original might of lacked with Sally Field as Aunt May, the very lovely Emma Stone as Gwen, Martin Sheen as Uncle Ben. Even Dennis Leary as Gwen’s father and the police captain who is after Spidey and his new vigilante status over the city whom often clash heads over the status of Spiderman, while Peter dating his daughter.  I still enjoyed the Green Goblin in the original more than the Lizard but who knows, if this is just a build up for a new look at the upcoming Green Goblin?   Looks like there will be more Spiderman as this story has just begun.

Lets compare both movies one more time with some good battle music.

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