Movies for that Holiday Wish list

Movies for your Wish List for this Holiday

“The Avengers”   The best movie this past summer is a must watch for all the Marvel or super hero within.  Ironman the Hulk are worth the price themselves, along with the rest of the Avengers.  Loki, brother of Thor, is one bad dude looking to take out the world and the Avengers are the only ones able to stop him.   One problem all these super egos of the Avengers don’t get along at first and they must all try to set aside their differences  before they can even stop the powerful Loki.  Five Stars

“Madagascar 3”  The gang still trying to get back home to New York is back again and despite my hesitation I really liked this movie.  Europe’s Most Wanted is worth a watch as the latest chapter of the Madagascar series.  The animation is fantastic the humor is as good as all three movies and the story is good for all to see as the squad joins the circus to avoid a new thorn in their side.  Sure a few holes an adult viewer may see in this story, but the kids will love this as mine can’t stop watching it over and over and over again.  Four Stars

“The Three Stooges”  They are not the original stooges but this is still a good movie.  It may not be the best remake but I always find people that just can’t stop laughing about this movie afterward.  The Stooges are of course orphans and once the orphanage cannot afford to carry their own insurance because of all the misfortunes the Stooges have caused over their stay, the Stooges have no choice to leave their only home and try to save their fellow orphans before they are sent to the streets packing with no home at all.  Three Stars

“That’s My Boy”  This latest Adam Sandler film is better than last year’s Razzie for worst of 2011 Jack and Jill.  However, still I kept thinking Adam Sandler sounded like “Little Niki” the whole movie.  Adam Samberg brings some freshness to the Sandler regime and this movie was still funny with special guest Vanilla Ice who warms your funny bone every time on camera.  I would say it’s not four star material but still most Adam Sandler fans will enjoy this movie.  Three Stars

“Men In Black 3”  My wild card here is Men in Black III.  I thought Men in Black II was really bad and made the first movie stand out as still the best of the two movies.  However the third installment is much better than the second.  Yes  the whole time travel back to time to fix the past so that the future is not going to happen is  a bit over used but works with this movie.  The villain in this movie reminds me of the late Macho Man Randy Savage and despite the bad comparison of young Tommy Lee Jones yet old in real life, Josh Brolin was a nice addition who played Agent Kaine perfectly.  Will Smith is good as always and the movie was a surprise hit for myself.  Three and a Half Stars

“The Campaign” If everyone is still angry over the presidential election then watch “The Campaign.” We all can agree that you will laugh at Zach and Will go at it in this funny movie.  I will say it wasn’t as funny as I thought it would be, but still it will make you laugh after a few egg noggs in your system.  Who are you ready to vote for in this political comedy? Perhaps these two are so far out of their minds that the people and little babies are the victims in this political war among two men with one ambition to win their election.  Three Stars


“Ted” Save this one for your late nights when the kids are in bed or just need some good old fashion raw humor.  Ted the once lovable teddy bear that comes to life after his friend John makes a wish for him when he is a kid has come alive and now perhaps Ted’s biggest regret.  Ted is John’s best friend as an adult but Ted might not be the best thing for John as John’s life is now in turmoil over living with a teddy bear for the last twenty years who is not as nice and cosy as his warm looking fur appear him to be.  John has a hard decision now that his life is about to change with his long time girlfriend who is making him change and to leave Ted for good.  Three Stars

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