Halloween Horror Classics

Time for Halloween movie classics.  No this not Vincent Price or Alfred Hitchcock giving you a list of movies that are no longer scary and just plain silly, but real scary movies that will make you check your diaper.  This is  a post dedicated to some of those movies that will send chills up your spine and I just can’t seem to get rid of in my horror memory.


Michael Myers is Halloween.  “Halloween III” was terrible not to have Michael Myers and possible the biggest movie mistake in horror movie history!  How can you get rid of the scariest villain of all time with an idea to manipulate people to buy Halloween tricks that wind up killing the family? Michael Myers is the king of horror and every year I look forward to seeing all of the Halloween movies except when the third one comes on.  C’mon man lets just scrap that one and put that one in the vault for good.  You can watch “Halloween” right here if your’re not scared enough?  Just don’t tell a bunch of people then we all can’t watch it here for much longer.

“Paranormal Activity 1-4”

Excited and terrified  for the fourth installment of “Paranormal Activity.”  All of these movies have kept me in tuned and excited to see what is happening next.  Some of the most terrifying moments in horror movie history I have seen are from these movies.  From people being bent backwards, kids going into a basement when there are no good things in that basement and wondering people who just freak the heck out of you and that darn lady from the first one who just likes to come in the door when you least expect.   All I got to say is that I love and hate these movies and for that they are a classic saga that will continue to get better with age and spawning other movies like it like “Sinister” which seems to make these movies look like a trip to the park.

“The Ring”

I can recall the day I saw this movie in the movie theater and still have rarely gone back to it if it has been replayed on television   This movie freaked my date out at the time and I thought I almost had to escort her out half way through the movie.  It is truly a terrifying movie that just catches you off guard.  There are just moments in this movie that make you just say what the freak was that and can get that erased from my memory.  I am permanently scared from the Ring and made me skip a few extra horror movies for the next couple of years.

“The Texas Chainsaw Massacre”

Either the old one which is a classic or the newer “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” that revisited the classic Leather Face will not disappoint fans.  Nothing is more scary than getting chased by a rather large beast of a man with a rusty chainsaw.  Sorry, any Halloween house I have been and I hear a chainsaw I run like the wind.  Besides Jason in the woods or Freddy in my dreams I am even more terrified of being in a place in the middle of nowhere with Leather Face in the area.   Yes of course Freddy and Jason are made up characters but Leather Face has been based upon a real character that makes me think twice about messing around in the state of Texas.


Creepshow was the really the first horror movie I saw as a child.  I look at it now and can actually sit through the whole movie without turning it off and now enjoy it for its tremendous stories.  A movie that was spawned from the brilliance of the shows and movies of “Twilight Zone,” “Creepshow” just is a great horror movie.  All the stories in the movie are unique and bring their own suspense.  Perhaps my favorite story was the one with Lesley Nielsen before he turned his career to comedy.   He plays a guy who tricks a couple to go down to the beach for a fun little joke that turns into his last days on earth, with him in over his head for the last time.


I still stay clear of this Stephen King thriller that still is one of the all time scariest movies of all time.  I probably should go back and watch it this year as I feel it is time again.  Stephen King has mad tons of great horror movies but nothing tops this movie and will make you never like  a clown ever again.  I kind of wish he would recreate this classic movie but in a way I hope he doesn’t for the sake of my children who still like clowns.  It is a great way to say be careful what you do in your youth, especially when you mess with a clown named Pennywise.

Other Honorable Horror mentions

“Killer Klowns from Outer Space” “Night of the Living Dead,” “Zombieland,” “Friday the 13th” “Nightmare on Elm Street,””Twilight Zone,”‘Scream””Poltergeist””Hellraiser””Sixth Sense”  Can you name one I forgot? Don’t be scared now?

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