Bernie: Movie Review

For this review, we will be looking at the movie “Bernie.” Bernie was a great guy, a guy from the community and a guy that was just too good to be true. Then he met the one woman who would change his life forever. Jack Black as “Bernie” is an early candidate for an Oscar according to critics, here is my take and a review for Bernie.

Bernie is from a small town in Carthage Texas.  He is a kind man and a man who lives his life with passion.  People of the town see him as a poster child of the community.  Sure he might come off as a bit strange from out of towners but Bernie takes his funeral director job very seriously.  As well as along with his passion for following the Lord at the local church and being the head pastor, he is just one stand up guy, according to the people of Carthage.

Then why we talking about this guy Bernie?  He looks as though he wouldn’t hurt a fly but then he meets a wealthy widow Marjorie Nugent all bets are off the table.  Now Bernie isn’t the kind of guy that takes advantage of wealthy widows, he just seems as thou he was always meant to be with someone older because he sort of acts likes an old guy in a young adult man body.  He always took care of all widows after they used Bernie’s funeral service  as he was the best in town at his job and not just pre burial, but post funeral as well as someone who followed up with anyone that used his service.

People from town  say Bernie went overboard for a woman named Marjorie, who often was seen as a woman with a bitter spirit that often turned away even her closest family members.   People just didn’t like Marjorie but when she lost her husband to a fight with cancer Bernie was the first one there to offer his condolences his services and Marjorie eventually started to open up to him.   They eventually became very close and even started to be together all the time.  Even becoming companions that trusted each other for anything.  Well Bernie trusted Marjorie.

Furthermore Marjorie begins to possibly start to wear out poor Bernie.  Marjorie relies on Bernie eventually for everything and even putting herself before Bernie’s funeral service.  According to City attorney Danny Buck who is investigating Bernie, “he is still the prime suspect for the sudden dis appearance of one widow named Marjorie Nugent.  “That;’s right, suddenly Marjorie has gone missing and how can a guy like Bernie be even questioned for anything remotely close to murdering someone?”  “He is, because he was always with her till the day of her missing.”

This story is based on real events about a guy named Bernie.  Before watching this one you may want to check out why this guy’s story is so compelling?  The movie Bernie re iterates his story and it indeed is a story to be seen and unfold.  The main lessons are about forgiveness for a guy who does indeed something horrible, yet he doesn’t let it define him as a person caught in the moment.

Overall Bernie was good and give it  four stars. The movie was directed by the same Richard Linklater who directed movies “Dazed and Confused” and “School of Rock,” so people are very familiar with his work.  I will say this movie is very different from those as “Bernie” is more of a darker dramatic comedy.  However  Linklater’s unique ability to create dynamic characters is seen in this movie, which is apparent in all three of these movies mentioned.  Linklater has directed legendary characters from Randal “Pink” Floyd,  David Wooderson ,Dewey Finn and now Bernie.  Jack Black was awkwardly good,  Matthew McConaughee is at his best as head attorney trying to convict Bernie and while Shirley McClain as Marjorie makes you want to say. “Poor Bernie?”

Other great Linklater characters

Dewey Finn


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