The Dictator: Movie Review

“The Dictator “will make you think twice about democracy and cry for more tyranny.  Sacha Baron Cohen latest movie is certainly controversial, yet perhaps one of the smartest comedies this past year.  Here is a review of “The Dictator.”

Admiral General Aladeen is one bad dictator, straight from a fictional country named Wadiya ,worth more in oil wealth than the richest in the world.  Aladeen  can be closely magnified as a mix of the late Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden.   His ego is as big as his magnificent beard that he uses in any way to gain respect from his people.  General Aladeen comes from a legacy of Aladeens’, that always ruled with an iron fist with little disregard for those who opposed him in his way.  Including other countries who love the Democratic method of government.

Now the United States is looking at Aladeen as  a major threat to the Western World with implications of perhaps creating nuclear weapons.  Aladeen  laughs at the very idea of actually becoming a democracy.  In fact a summit is being organized run by the US ,that Aladeen is planning to give a big fat forget you to the very idea of actually becoming a non dictatorship and sharing the wealth of all the rich oil fields Aladeen has had in control.

Much like the Shakespearean play Julius Ceaser, never trust your closest people as second-hand man Tamir is looking to change the Dictator’s ways.  While in the United States attending the summit Tamir plans to kidnap the real General Aladeen and replaces him with a patsy duplicate and have all of the wealth made by the Aladeen family signed away and sold off to he largest oil companies in the world and indeed end the dictatorship of General Aladeen as Tamir becomes a very rich man.

All of this a surprise to the Dictator when he arrives in New York for the summit.  When he arrives he is taken hostage by Tamir’s people and has his much praised familiar and religious beard shaved from his face making him look like a regular immigrant. In an attempt to reach his summit no one recognizes Aladeen as this new persona and no one believes him as the real General Aladeen as the duplicate has been put in his place.  He must stop all this madness before his legacy becomes an end.  Luckily even in America there are those wiling to help Aladeen, like Zoey, a woman New York activist, health nut, who is protesting at the summit and Nadal a former Aladeen scientist now living in America who is really the only one able to recognize Aladeen’s new look.

With his dictatorship in jeopardy can General Aladeen  get back at Tamir for what he has done and stop this whole democracy madness from happening?   You must see “The Dictator” to see what all enfolds as this journey might even show us that Admiral General Aladeen actually might fit in as American after all and maybe find true love on this unexpected trip.

Overall this movie was one of the best comedies I have seen this past year.  Sure it can be looked at as wrong and even over the top however this is Sacha Baron Cohen, who has never held back in any of his movies.  The Dictator was worth the time,  Cohen was at his best and very funny and he makes you think for a second,  if even a dictator can be Americanized? I give “The Dictator” four and half stars as a my summer sleeper comedy of the year.

One thought on “The Dictator: Movie Review

  1. I really liked The Dictator as it was done in true Sasha Baron Cohen style. I’ve read review after review where the movie is being put down as absolutely awful. I thought the movie was just how it was supposed to be and anyone that has seen Ali G, Borat or Bruno would agree. There are the usual pokes of fun aimed at world governments and some rather ridiculous quotes that had me crying with laughter. I rented the movie two weeks ago through Blockbuster @ Home and after I added it to my queue I had the movie in just a few days. A Dish co-worker recommended the service to me a few months back and I’ve been using it ever since. The Dictator is not a movie for those easily grossed out or those up to the neck in political opinions. This movie is meant to offend and it does this in every way possible. It always surprises me how Sasha is able to get big screen names in his movies. This one included Anna Farris and Sir Ben Kingsley as Tamir. It was a good movie and I’d watch it again.

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