Casa de mi Padre: Movie Review

When movie viewers ever need a quick escape from reality, even for a minute, just watch some of the movie “Casa de mi Padre.”  Here is a review of “Casa de mi Padre” and Will Ferrell as a Rancher from Mexico.

First off viewers of this movie may want to go back watch the classic comedy “Three Amigos,”  continue with a little bit of “Deperado” and perhaps some “Scarface” to wash down a shot of tequila which I do not endorse drinking, but would help to watch this movie.  Lastly a good few hours of watching Telemudo Telenovelas  would help if you don’t have access to these movies.

Anyways Armando Alvarez(Will Ferrell) has never been his Father’s favorite.  He actually admires his brother Raul Alvarez, who has returned home to bring his new fiance Sonia.  Armando is certainly not the brightest according to his father ever since Armando’s mother untimely death.  Now Raul brings great news to the Alvarez family bringing Sonia into the family.

However Sonia has a dark past and Raul is not exactly been doing good deeds while out on his own.   Sonia is a direct uncle of The Onza one of the biggest drug dealers in all of Mexico.   The Onza is now realizing Raul has returned home and the whole Alvarez family could be in danger.

The only one that sees this is a problem is Armando, who recently with other fellow ranchers Esteban and Adrian  of the Alvarez farm,  witnesses the Onza shooting a loyal member of his cartel.  However Armando once again is told to not worry by not only Raul but Armando’ s father.

Perhaps the only one that trusts Armando is the new arrival of Sonia.  Who might be the most beautiful in all of Mexico but is bringing doom to the Alvarez family.  Besides Armando’s warnings to not trust this new homecoming that Raul has brought to his father, Armando is kicked out of his house on the eve of Raul and Sonia’s  wedding because of  his negative feeling toward the newly weds.

For once Armando could be right as the Alvarez family is in trouble as the Onza is about to move in on Raul and Sonia and anyone else involved.  Watching all of this is the Americans from afar where DEA agent Parker(Nick Offerman) has been tracking the Onza and Raul.  He has been waiting to make a move but non may not be necessary as Raul and the Onza are on the brink of a war after the Onza put on a hit at the Alvarez wedding.  In the end the once untrustworthy and cowardly Armando Alvarez becomes a family hero and will not let his family’s honor be taken without a  fight.

In summary at times Casa de mi Padre was painful to watch, hilarious for certain moments yet fun if you like this kind of movie.  The movie  was made by the same people who brought us “Anchorman,” “Step Brothers” and “The Other Guys”  in addition the same people behind the television show “Eastbound and Down” on HBO.   I will say this movie might not be as good as all four of those mentioned but if you enjoy this kind of movie, which does need reading glasses and an open mind to humor with Mexican culture and just about every bad stereotype, then you may enjoy it after all.  I’ll give it three stars for now.

This part is great!

As I say Armando not so bright

Cristina Aguilera!!

Some more musica

Now this could be really good!!




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