Breaking Bad Movies: A Thought about Violence in Movies

One of my latest obsessions is a television show called ‘Breaking Bad.”  Yes this is a movie blog but I thought of combining what I have seen lately, what happened in Aurora, California and my take on violence in not only movies and television but entertainment and it’s overall effect on its viewers.

First, Breaking Bad might be one of the best television shows ever to be made.  I just finally caught up with all the episodes online, as I have been a late newcomer to the shows popularity.  Now as I have watched this show and have watched episodes repeatedly, not once was I thinking of trying to become a crystal meth dealer who the main character Walt portrays.  I watch the show because my background in viewing movies and tv shows  as well as my appreciation as someone seeing how a television shows and movies are created and really respect  the beauty in the creative vision that all movies and television use to captivate audiences.  Breaking Bad is another show that uses this dynamic character magic to captivate audience members.

Second, and in contrast “The Dark Knight Rises” brought in 140 million dollars in its opening weekend despite all the actions that occurred in Aurora Colorado.  Showing us again the power of the movies.  Now is this a good thing?  Yes for Warner Brothers the studio behind the making of this movie of course they are thrilled yet still showing us they do care by proving assistance to the loved ones lost in the Aurora tragedy.  Was I surprised that this kind of movie created this turn in violence? Not really as movie copycats have been going on for decades as long as movies and shows are created.  The bigger question is how does a guy go through an exit sign to blow away its patrons?  How does a guy be allowed to carry such weapons and even when purchased at least be red flagged for buying such weapons?  Yes in many states it is allowed to purchase and have assault rifles but  these are bigger the questions I have and not whether the Dark Knight Trilogy is to be blamed for the tragedy.

Violence in television and shows have been going on since Bonnie and Clyde, which I will say was a portrayal of a real couple that was out to prove something.  Did they catch our attention? Yes, but should we go out and do the same thing?  If we read our history most bad guys are caught prosecuted  thrown away and killed so probably not. Another example Al Capone, a real Chicago gangster and portrayed icon in many movies which I will say the movie “Untouchables” was by far my favorite.  All Capone’s violence got him was a big old tax audit that was the death of him.  Maybe a movie will be made about this guy shooting up a movie theater but wait? I guess you haven’t seen the movie “Backdraft” where a movie theater becomes a fire bomb?  So don’t say these actions are new and not already thought of in Hollywood.  People have made million about the tragedies with 9/11, Pearl Harbor and World Wars so really anything can be expected of this latest tragedy in Aurora.

In conclusion let’s not point fingers at the movies they have been there for over a century.  The mega- billion industry is not going away any time soon.  I will say I do hope they do not create a movie about this guy who I have not named once as I do believe he wants his name to be called out to create his own glorification.  However I almost guarantee a character in some movie or television show will be made as a result.  It’s not because to create more bad guys but just another character a writer or director can draw upon to bring an audience.  Even if this guy is proved to be insane, “One Flew Over the Cuckoo Nest” did okay for itself for a certain star named Jack Nicholson.  Who later played the Joker which also led to much anticipated Heath Ledger being the Joker in the Dark Knight.  So if you want to blame movies I guess we all should start banning Jack Nicholson as well.  I will start yelling at him for all of us at his next Laker game.  Or maybe I should ban Al Pacino, but Scarface will still live on.  Just think for a second about all of this is what I am saying before we start blaming movies?

Speaking of Scarface?

We saw this once before?

Oh yeah!

Great tribute video for Batman

We all should just be like Dale and Red.  Hahaha just a great scene.  “Thug life.”

Just wanted to end this post with a quick prayer for the family members that were lost in the Aurora tragedy.  

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