4th of July Motivational Movies and Moments

Time to celebrate U.S.A!  What better way than to celebrate great movie moments than to put a collection of great moments in movies that surround this great time of year.  These are just a collection of clips I enjoy about Independace Day, Freedom and inspirational as well.  I hope most who watch this will do also and  let’s start off with a little speech that celebrates freedom form tyranny from one of the best freedom speeches ever.  It all stated with William Wallace.

“Yes, I know William Wallace is not American but we are  a blend and mix of hereos in our past that would be proud of such a man of history that taught us how to break away from Tyranny.”


“We look to heroes and non better than the Avengers. Here is a great tribute video to the super hero in all of us that we sometime fail to see.”


“Aliens should fear us and all of those who want to come scare and intimidate us from the stars above here is a message from you. “We will not go calmly.”  One of the best movie speeches ever and a great tribute video!!”


This is just funny!


My kids wanted to add this one! Hope everyone enjoyed the 4th and thank you from all of us at the KCHMB!


Okay well I ‘ll end it on some motivational stuff that should get you pumped!


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