21 Jump Street: Movie Review

One of my latest movie adventures for myself was to the movie 21 Jump Street.  Admittedly when this first came out last summer the movie seemed to be a miss.  However this is why you got to watch movies to get your own opinion and here is my review of “21 Jump Street.’

First off “21 Jump Street” is based on the 1980’s television series that aired on Fox with over a hundred episodes, the show certainly already a had a base of fans to reach into for success.  Johnny Depp was one of the more memorable stars from the show and kind of was a launching pad for his early success.

Two stars who are building their own reputation right now are the new stars of “21 Jump Street” Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum.  Jonah Hill has slimmed down for this cop comedy but still has that comedy wit that made him famous in early movies like “Superbad” and “Accepted.”  I have seen nearly all of Jonah’s movies and I really enjoyed his performance again in 21 Jump Street.  While Channing Tatum is someone I have just started seeing in movies and this was really the first comedy I saw that he was part of and he was hilarious in this role.

Anyways back to the movie Jonah and Channing are rookie policeman that have just graduated from the police academy.  They do share a past of going to the same high school but were not in the same popular boat back then.  They meet up years down the road in the academy and decide to become partners as  Schmidt (Hill) is the brains of the duo while Jenko (Tatum) is the braun that Schmidt has always lacked.

They graduate and thinking their recent police rookie status would bring them to a new instant bad ass ora to them their first assignment lands them a bike patrolling assignment in a very upscale park in the city, where crime of telling kids not to litter is the highlight of their position.  Luckily they spot a biker gang one day in the park that are up to no good so the two rookie cops decide to interact and their first major arrest can be nothing more than horrible but still a success, until they forget to do a  small but very important part of arresting someone, telling them their Miranda Rights.

The two rookies make their first big arrest but the guy they get gets put back on the street and their newest captain decides that these two are certainly not the brightest rookies on the beat.  He decides to transfer the two to a new street division that is looking for new recruits to be part of their team.  Schmidt and Jenko are a perfect match for the new unit called 21 Jump Street.

Captain Dickosn awaits and let the undercover police work begin.  Schmidt and Jenko are really unaware what they are about to be a part of but when they hear they are going back to high school to go undercover to find a new designer drug that is starting to spread, Captain Dickson needs a team to find the dealers and their source and put an end to the drug trafficking that already has begun and leading to a recent death in the same high school.

Of course Schmidt is frightened to go back to high school as his first time though was a nightmare not worth going back to while Jenko was a more popular guy so no swet for him to go back.  When the two hit the high school they are assigned to let the real comedy begin.  Schmidt becomes the more popular one while Jenko becomes the nerd he never thought he ever was before now.  Kind of like a “Class Act” kind of scenarios with Kid and Play as Schmidt and Jenko are that same kind of switch made here.

The movie is full of great co-stars that all bring their comedy to a new level.  Rob Riggle plays a strange track and field coach.  Chris Parnell is the drama teacher who is looking of for next Peter Pan in his upcoming play, while Ellie Kemper as Ms. Griggs is very fond of her newest student Jenko.  This is just  a start as Nick Offerman,  Ice Cube as Captain Dickson and even Johnny Depp finds a way into this very funny movie.

Overall this was a great comedy full of laughs and will make you go watch other funny cop movies like “The Other Guys” and make you go re visit old 21 Jump Street shows.  It will get you excited for  up coming movies this summer like the new movie “The Watch” starring Jonah Hill, Ben Stiller and Vince Vaughn.  I give the movie four stars and recommend this movie as a movie start to finish very funny and worth a watch if you have missed it.






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