Happy Birthday Mel Brooks!

Today is Mel Brooks birthday!  He is one of my all time favorite comedy masterminds and it is time for a tribute to him and his movies.  In honor of Mr. Brooks time to put a collection of my favorite Mel moments all in one place for people to enjoy.   If you’ re a fan like me you will surely enjoy this small collection of clips.

Mel and Moses


Mel caught wiith his pants down and tells his fellow spaceballs to comb the desert.  One man doesn’t exactly like this particular order.


Work Work Work and if our elected officials worked like this we are all doomed.


Frankenstein will never be seen the same.


One more classic Mel scene, Peter Boyle and Gene Hackman.


Just a Moyle trying to sell a circumcision to Robin Hood and his men.


One of the most memorable lines ever.


A 80’s classic? No just Mel being Mel as Hitler.


Two men wanting the last word.


Spaceballs? Oh Sh*#* their goes the planet.


Thanks Mel for many memories of my earliest memories of sarcastic humor.












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