Jeff Who Lives at Home: Movie Review

Movies come and go but sometimes you got to go back and catch the ones you missed and perhaps forgot.  “Jeff , Who lives at Home,” this next review as this blog has become accostumed to relighting the flames of movies that you might of allowed to slip through the cracks.

Jeff is at a wierd place in his life.  Actually he is just trying to figure it all out in the comfort of his mother’s basement.  Some people take risks, others look for the signs and Jeff is someone who really loves the movie “Signs.” Jeff is now convinced that in life signs do actually occur and can determine someone’s destiny.

Of course Jeff is sort of on an island with this latest theory, while his Mother Sharon just wants him to get off his ass and go out and do something.  Meanwhile his older and distant brother Pat is much more the risk taker of the two brothers who lives life in the fast lane, yet he is not exaclty making the benjamins, with he and his wife struggling just trying to get by.

Nevertheless, Jeff believes he has just gotten his recent sign from a a mysterious caller who asks to talk to Kevin, that may help solve some questions Jeff has about his life.  While Pat has just bought a new Porsche that his wife is extremely unhappy about but always convinced that he will handle  whatever comes their way determined that he will not allow them to fail.

Meanwhile Jeff’s mother Sharon is at her work and just trying to get through another day without wanting to try to strangle Jeff.  She is what we all would call stressed out, but when a mysterious message pops up on her screen in her cubicle saying that she has a secret admirer Sharon is now too seeing her own kind of signs.  However her own doubts of her self are allowing her to cloud her judgement and believing all of this is some sort of office prank.  She then also seeks out Jay to maybe try to help Jeff.  Jay right now has more problems than just worrying about his half witted brother.

Okay so far this movie is about a guy who lives in his Mother’s basement who loves the movie signs, a brother that makes snap decisions without thinking how it will affect her wife and a mother who is blind to see any type of real affection she has lacked since her husband passed many years ago.  You may be asking why watch such a movie? Well I don’t know but this movie is really good and I thought it was a unexpected suprise.

Overall the movie is not a laugh out loud movie but very funny at times and just a good solid movie. Jeff despite his way of life becomes a unlikely hero in a story where he is certainly not the strongest or bravest character but just willing to go out and follow your gut and see what happens.  While Jay stubbornly realizes through Jeff’s uncanny way to read life as  he too can maybe be a better husband if he too would just allow things to happen and not try to force ever little thing to work out.

The movie was created by Jay and Mark Duplass who also has done the movie “Cyrus” which I do recommend seeing as another small but well done movie.  Mark Duplass has done acting work on the FX television show “The League” which has become an over night success   All in all Jason Segel was great, Ed Helms was equally good and Susan Sarandon just seems to be ageless.  A four star movie and a little film that might of went under your radar.

The best trailers ever which followed with a differnt kind of scary movie

Perhaps a good one!

My review for “Cyrus”


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