We Bought a Zoo: Movie Review

Based on true events Benjamin Mee just lost his wife and mother of two children to a sudden death.  Now Benjamin must somehow pick up all the pieces after losing the one person that meant everything to him and his family.  One way to maybe move away from everything is to find a new house away from all the memories.   One huge problem the house Benjamin decides to buy just happens to the home of an actual zoo.


Since Benjamin was so anxious to buy this new dream house he never realized what all came with the house including a zoo in his backyard.  Along with this zoo are all the members of this zoo that help run the zoo which is in a heavy need of a makeover.  Has Benjamin done it again? With a history of making poor investments while his wife was alive  and a past of blowing money including his own father’s inheritance, people like Benjamin’s brother Duncan(Thomas Hayden Church) are scared that Benjamin will soon be broke homeless and with two children.

Benjamin wants to use the zoo to help heal the wounds for his children recently losing their mother.   His son finds a new friend and his daughter can’t get enough of all of her new pets.  Not every kid can say they have a tiger as a pet?  However with all this sacrifice the zoo has not been ready for public and until they can open their doors and pass a major zoo inspection their will be no future for the zoo and it’s inhabitants.


All in all “We bought a Zoo” was a great family movie that should entertain all ages.  I give it four stars as even the animals within this old broken down zoo have their own stories as much as the people who work for the zoo.   Including head zoo keeper Kelly Foster played by Scarlet Johansson or people like Peter MacCready who has a hard time keeping his composure in front of pesky zoo inspector Walter Ferns.   Good thing for alcohol for MacCready.  While  the zoo is their lives but if this zoo fails they too will fail the animals they swore to protect from a future that could include extermination, removal or perhaps a new home away from their own.

Directed by Cameron Crowe who is known for big hits from the past “Almost Famous” and”Jerry Maguire.”  Look for We Bought a zoo on blue-ray and DVD out now!  Also be sure to check out the story behind the zoo with the real Benjamin Mee who makes a guest appearance in the movie.



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