Hugo: Movie Review

One of the best movies of late 2011 was a little fim called Hugo.  I had no idea what to expect but afterwards I was glad I finally saw this great movie.  Here is a review!

Hugo Cabaret for one is a boy who is an interesting lad you might say by today’s standads.  He is a boy who lives in a clock tower above a train station.  He is a crafty boy who learned all of his clock work skills from his late father who recently passed in a tragic fire leaving Hugo all by himself to live inside the tower.

With no family except for an uncle who adopted Hugo after his father’s death, who has also recently come up missing, is someone who tends to like his drink a bit too much.  In knowing all of this Hugo realizes that if anyone ever found out that he was by himself in the tower of the train station he would get taken away to an orphange from the only place he ever felt like home.  Hugo must stay away from a particular station inspector and his loyal canine, who love to find abandoned children and send them to their rightful place.

However, Hugo is a couragepous one who likes to attempt his fate as he is trying to build something that he and his father were trying to repair.  A very interesting automimous robot that once actually fixed can actually write whatever it was programmed by it’s initial owner.  Sort of like a mystery that he and his father were trying to fix but without the missing pieces and now his father gone Hugo is determined to fix the one thing that his father wanted for his son.

While looking around the train station and not trying to be caught by the inspector, Hugo notices a little bookstore with a owner that has a small mechanical mouse that could have the missing pieces for his robot.  He attempts to take the little mouse but is later caught by the owner and the owner finds a little notebook. Hugo carries this notebook around with him sort of like a journal and the owner takes it while Hugo is unaware while Hugo gets interogated by the inspector who is starting to suspect Hugo’s situation in the train station.

Furthermore Hugo figures out the old man took his notebook and must confess about his taking of the omouse but before he does he fixes the mouse that was broken initinally.  The booksotre owner is not satisfied with the mouse being fixed and proclaims Hugo a theif and is not willing to give up Hugo’s special journal in return.  Hugo retreats but not for long as he follows the book store owner to his home and meets his step daughter Isabelle.

Isabelle is willing to help Hugo with his situation but not until she find out more about Hugo’s stiuation.  Hugo just wants his notebook back so he takes Isabelle to his home in the clock tower and tells his story of how the notebook is another connection to he and his father’s past.  Isabelle feels bad for Hugo and is willing to help but getting the notebook back from his step father will be no easy task.  While getting the notebook Hugo notices a strange key around Isabelle’s neck?

Okay this is kind of alot of informaton to take in but it all leads to a magnificant story.  Everyone is connectd in this story, even the old man at the bookstore, who also has a mysterious history.  The robot is a mystery, the inpector has a story, everyone has a story that all gets intertwined and all in this little spot in a littel train station.  It is like an adventure that Hugo is willing to do anything to find his answers and with his courage he does find out more and more about, not only the robot, but who the original owner was and why such a thing was ever built in the first place?

In summary Hugo was an awesome movie from beginning to end.  It was an excellent movie for children and a great story to follow for anyone watching.  Martin Scorsese does indeed need much accolation for this movie as this was far from anything he has ever directed before.  My favorite character was the Inspector played by Sacha Baren Cohen who is almost un-recognizable from his previous characters like Borat, and even his newer one “The Dictator” out this summer.  Ben Kinglsey as the old book store owner also was as always flawless and surprised he did not get more awards for his role.    Overall  I thought  the movie was artistically perfect along with the amazing special effects which all were rewarded in the 2012 Oscars.  Certainly this movie was  a five star movie in my mind and one movie that will probably hit my movie shelf as an instant classic!  Check below for more Hugo related video.

Original Georges Meilies. The man who started it all with special effects in movies long before George Lucas.


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