Hop: Movie Review

This past Easter we finally saw the release of Hop.  It has been a year since the movie broke out a year ago around Easter.  Honestly, this movie can be seen anytime with the family.  Here is a review short and sweet.

Hop is not your typical animated movie. It is more like “The Smurfs” where humans and  3d animation co-exist.  Now this formula can often be disaster as we see with many of these types of movies where the animation can perhaps outshine the actors making it a drain on the adults trying to watch with their kids.   Thankfully, with “Hop” there is a combination of both that make the movie a success and here is why?

One) Hop is played by the very entrertaining Russel Brand who might have found his nitch in animated movies as a great voice.  Two) This movie was created by the same brilliant minds that made “Despicable Me” which was a four star movie in my mind,  3) The story of Fred O” Hare is translatable to the many young adults who often have a hard time finding their true calling in life.  4) Are there really any great kid Easter kid movies?

Yes, I do enjoy “Ben Hur” and “Passion of the Christ’ might be the most famous, but for children do they really enjoy these movies?  Sure the Easter Bunny much like Santa Claus is another story we tend to hide all the truth as parents but that’s what kids are all about, seeing how long they can maintain their innocence, that we as adults who were kids at once went through also.  Yes, I will let them watch those other movies soon enough but only when I know they can fully understand everything they are seeing.  I saw “Ben Hur” when I was a kid and I just watched it for the chariot races not the story.

Overall the movie “Hop” is three and half stars and worth the time if you need a solid family movie to watch especially around Easter.



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