Movie Review: Contraband

Mark Wahlberg has been a fighter, a brother, a theif and now a international smuggler?  Hey, why not? If anyone can pull it off Mr Wahlberg can and if you don’t like it then take ti up with Mark yourself. Here is a review.

John Bryce is a family guy who wants to settle down as  home alarm specialist and away from his previous past as a international smuggler.  Only one problem when you spend most of your life in one career and learned all you knew from your father who is now in prison for all of his own dirty work there is going to be some repercussions.

Including his own little brother in law Danny who has got himself caught in the act of smuggling a large amount of drugs for a bad dude named Tim Briggs.  This time Danny needs help from John or it could mean his life will be exterminated.   John is upset that his past life has now caguth up with him and now he has no choice to go back in action one more time not for himself but his family.

John will need help to pull out  this special job and will not smuggle drugs as ,that is just against John’s moral code, so he decides to smuggle counterfit money, even better!   With the help of a friend named Sebastian who has been on John side from the old days they assemble theri team to pull off one last smuggle.  John even goes to his father in jail for one more request, who still has connections on the outside, to ship catpains and boats that can get John in for the kind of smuggle he needs to help save Danny’s life.

Meanwhile Briggs is not exactly a patient bad dude as he begins to notice that John is involved who he also knows from the glory days.  Briggs knows that John has a young family and while John is away on this job he entrusts Sebastian his best friend to look over his family while he is out trying to get Briggs his money.  Sebastian can be trusted or can he?  John might of just left his family in the hands of danger while putting himslef on the line one more time for one last big smuggle.

Overall Contraband was good!  A typical dude flick with some mix of turns that make the story compelling.  I wouldn’t say this is better than the “Italian Job” but very close.  All the characters in the this story including John’s smuggling team reminded me of that movie which might make you take another look at that classic movie.  Giovanni Ribisi plays the bad dude really well and I really enjoyed good old J.K Simmons as the ship captain who has never liked Mr Bryce’s character.  Ben Foster as Sebastian is starting to show that he may be the next Mark Wahlberg of action movies and ready to become a star as I’ll be looking to see more of his work.   “Contraband” was slow at first I give it that, but the end is worth your time and give it four stars.

Ben Foster Tribute

Hey got to have a Mark Tribute with he help of Limp Bizkit?


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