Time to Paint it Black: A Tribute to Jack Black

One of my favorite actors is Jack Black.  I thought since the new Tenacious D album “Rise of the Fenix” hit the internet waves it was time to acknowledge a funny and very talented actor.  I have followed  Jack Black for  a long time from his stoner role in “I Still Know What You Did Last Summer” the idiot brother in Orange County, his more complex side in “Be Kind and Rewind.” There really is not many movies that Jack has been in I have missed including his animated movies with “Kung Fu Panda,”  and “Shark Tale.”  In honer of Mr Black  here is a tribute to the  many roles of Jack Black.  While do not forget the one and only side kick that Jack has had in his corner Kyle Gass.  I think Kyle and I have the same barber enjoy the tribute.   “Parental Guidance Advised”

“High Fidelity”


“Nacho Libre”


“School of Rock” and by far my favorite substitute ever!


Jack’s new movie “Bernie” coming this summer


Don’t mess with Jack including you Mr. Ron Burgundy.


The first man ever to die from smoking marijuana was Jack Black.


Here is a “Saving Silverman” mash-up.

“Be Kind and Rewind” and please share this with your Jack Black fans


This is greatest song tribute ever.


I had to slip this one in here.


Also this one too a little mix of  Dragon Master Po ‘s greatest enemies in the Kung Fu Panda movies.


The one time Jack Black got dunked on and the best part in “Cable Guy.”


Even  Animal and the Muppets needs the help of the one Jack Black!


The story of the rise of JB and his love for music “ear muffs please”


One more time a great tribute video


Thanks JB for all the laughs and look forward to more on the horizon.

Now go listen to “Rise of the Fenix” it is five stars for sure!



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