Bad Ass Mother’s Day Movies

In honoring the tradition of Mother’s day weekend it is time for some Bad Ass Mother’s Day Movies.  Here are several movies that you and your mother may want to take a pick or just want to show how proud you are of your mother.  Mark Whalberg couldn’t say it any better ” Say hi, to your Mother for me.”

Four Brothers

One of the best movies ever!  Mark Wahlberg and his three other adopted brothers must go after the men that helped put an early end to  their Mother’s loving life and make sure that no other Mother will see the same fate.

Child’s Play

A single mother must protect her child from a possessed doll which is hosting a body for a serial killer.  Way to go Mom kicking Chukee’s ass.

Steel Magnolias

Yes I went there ,you got have a little “Are you high Clarece?” in your Mother’s Day movie collection.  We all wanted Sally Field as our Mom and what better film portrays her Motherly side.

The Help

Just  a great movie that any Mother will surely put in their collection at home of great movies.

Rocky II

“Just win!” This was my favorite Adrian movie moment and what a Mother that worked a little too hard for her baby’s future and went into a coma from working too hard at the local pet store.  Slow it down Adrian ,Rocky is going to kick some Apollo ass in your honor.


“I’ll take Sigorney Weaver as my Momma any day.  Don’t f with Ripley and don’t f with this mother she will kick the living crap out of any alien willing to intefer with your Mother’s Day tea party.”

If you liked this post you will also like this post posted last year in honoring Mother’s Day.  “A Tribute to Mother Roles”



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