The Sitter: Movie Review

In 1987 “Adventures in Babysitting” became a box office smash not only at the movies but for years to follow after its release on video.   “The Sitter” is here now to duplicate the same magic that film produced with a new twist ready for new fans to enjoy.  Just replace Elizabeth Shue with Jonah Hill and three new crazy kids and the formula is set, but did it make the grade like it’s earlier predecessor.    Here is a review for “The Sitter”

Noah Griffith is your typical middle twenty something who graduated from college, perhaps partied a little too much and now paying the price for it with no license and living with his mother.  His confidence is definitely not at its highest right now, including with his so-called girlfriend Marissa who doesn’t really claim to be his girlfriend, just someone nearby to help with her more intimate issues that Noah tries to help, yet gets very little in return.

Nevertheless, Noah’s mother is in a jam as she hardly gets out as a single mother whom her ex husband has basically stranded her and Noah with little support, while being a very wealthy businessman, who re married and started a new family.  Noah hates to see his mother down and her mother was supposed to babysit for her friends the Pedullas.  Now Noah’s mother is invited to the Pedullas party and the only one who can really fill the void is unemployed and in need of some money Noah to babysit the Pedulla’s three children.

Noah accepts and is off to the Pedullas’.  The Pedullas’ are very wealthy as the husband is a plastic surgeon while the wife benefits from all the hard work Dr. Pedulla has done not only for his patients but his new made wife also.  Money is no object for them and you can tell with the three children, well actually two children and Rodrigo the third adopted child who has yet to really fit in with his new family.   He is sort of firecracker to say the least and not just saying that but really likes cherry bombing and running away every week from his new family.

Noah meets all the kids and figures, “Hey how bad could it really be,  just sit on my butt watch some tube and watch the three kids.”   Then Noah gets a call from his so-called girlfriend who is at a party and wants Noah to do a favor for her.  Noah is kind of sick of his treatment lately by Marisa but when she offers sex as a means to pay Noah back, Noah is ready to do anything to appease his girl including taking the three kids out with him to fulfill the favor Marissa has asked

Noah must go see a guy named Karl who will help deliver the favor for Marissa.  Karl is sort of a strange guy but typical for the line of work he works in with some unusual sidekicks.  Noah is definitely intimidated by Karl and is only there to pick up the favor for Marissa. Then Rodrigo shows up unexpectedly, who was supposed to stay in the car and unaware to Noah, Rodrigo takes a souvenir that is not exactly a souvenir but one of Karl’s special ceramic eggs that he uses for his business practice.  When Noah tries to take the egg from Rodrigo after they leave Karls, the egg is then destroyed with the insides of the egg all over Noah.  The egg is worth 10,000 dollars and now Noah  must repay Karl or not see too many future days as Marissa’s boyfriend.  Noah must not only deal with this new dilemma but also take these three kids all around town who are already driving Noah crazy with all of their antics. 

In summing up the movie it was an above average movie from the director of “Pineapple Express.”  The kids were all pretty good.  Rodrigo was very funny and the little girl Blithe was quite the character with her obsession with make up and trying to act older so that people liker her and Slater was the third kid that was always trying to find a way to make it through the day without taking his daily medications as kind of a spaz.  Karl played by Sam Rockwell is always a favorite of mine going back to the days of “Matchstick Men” who always plays strange roles. While Jonah Hill was solid in the lead role providing a lot of physical humor and being a target of humility for much of the movie. I guess my biggest issue was that this movie was not exactly kid friendly as a rated R film and the real stars of the movie were the kids but these days kids are exposed to probably so much more.   Regardless, “The Sitter” will probably get better with age, much like “Adventures in Babysitting” which for its time might have been a bit over the top also and I give “The Sitter” three and a half stars.

This scene wa a bit over the top but timeless.  Strong Language Advised


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