Tower Heist: Movie Review

Josh Kovacs has always been the very best employee.  Until his boss stole everyone’s money.  Eddie Murphy is back!  Here is a review for Tower Heist.

The Hotel Tower where Josh Kovacs works at is your modern-day castle for the luxurious.  There is no hotel in the world that is better equipped for anything a guest requires.  Josh takes his job very personally and regardless who oversees the hotel, which is under review to being sold to a new owner, his team still must maintain a high standard.

Arthur Shaw is a current resident and part investor of the building who always see Josh as dependable and trusting worker and no matter what happens to the hotel , Mr Shaw will take care of his loyal worker.   Despite other resident like Mr Fitzhugh, who is about to be evicted, thinks of Mr Shaw as person who still only looks out for himself.  Mr Fitzhugh’s judgment is not far off when a news story breaks that Arthur has embezzled millions of dollars from the Tower employee pensions, including money entrusted to Mr Shaw by some of the senior employees, Josh is now caught in the middle of a battle between his employees and Arthur Shaw in a fight for their future financial security.

In a quick spin Arthur has turned to public enemy one within the community and the Tower.  While Arthur is waiting for his sentencing hearing to go to federal prison he must stay in the hotel under house arrest and Josh’s now ill feelings toward his once favorite tenant.  Leading the new team that is also in charge of every move Mr Shaw makes is Special Agent Clair Denham(Tea Leoni) who can’t afford to see anything happen while he waits his sentencing.

Josh and Clare become closer while working to watch over Mr Shaw and Clare reveals that Mr Shaw could still be hiding a large amount of money equaling close to twenty million dollars somewhere so that after he does serve time he still will have a nest egg to return to after serving.  Josh who knows the hotel better than anyone believes Shaw is hiding the money within a secret wall within his condo apartment,  The plan is set there is no choice but to go after that money now that Josh too has recently becomes detached from the hotel as he too being close to Shaw for so many years a security threat to the investigation of Arthur Shaw.

Time to assemble Josh’s heist team which is not exactly your everyday robbing crew which includes an eager Mr Ftizhugh to get back at his old boss, Charlie(Casey Affleck) the expecting father,and Enrique(Michael Pena)  another member of the Tower.  How about a guy that has no connection to anyone or the building a neighbor named Slide(Eddie Murphy) who at a distance seems to be the right guy for the job?  The Heist is now in the hands of a man who knows nothing of Shaw and the Tower but could use twenty million dollars!

Overall this movie was funny but not one of 2011’s best.  It was nice to see Eddie Murphy  playing a character that was hilarious at times reminding you of his oldest work from “Beverly Hills Cop” and “Another 48 Hours.”  While Matthew Broderick stole the show as Mr Fitzhugh as he appeared much older in this movie but with some great lines.  Ben Stiller was okay, he has been funnier in other roles and Alan Alda plays the old crook pretty good.  Gabourey Sidibe as Odessa is not your typical safe cracker but cracks off some funny lines as well.   In summing it all up I give the movie three stars and one big star for Eddie Murphy as Slide.  Who say’s he is only good as a side kick for Shrek?

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