The Descendants: Movie Review

Life does throw a few change ups that are never easy to handle.  In the case with Matt King the whole state of Hawaii just threw him a change-up he never expected  while trying to deliver a homerun  for his  Descendants.  The Descendants are his family and tough choices are facing these Descendants in a time of tragedy.  Here is a review for “The Descendants.”

Matt King is telling us a story that doesn’t begin with happiness but one of tragedy in a place where paradise  overwhelms the most troubled heart.  Yes, Hawaii is a tropical destination for millions of tourists every year but to Matt King this is his home.  A home that his family has been a part of since the very beginning of the first descendants of the islands of Hawaii.  Now after a tragic  accident with Matt’s wife, which has left her in a comatic state Matt is faced with choices that will not only affect his immediate family but the future of the  King family entirely.

Elizabeth King was involved in a boating accident  and now doctors have given little hope for Matt, Alexander, Scottie and Sid for a recovery of any type  and Matt must be the one to not only tell his own children, whom still are hoping for recovery for their mother, but the rest of the  extended family that Elizabeth’s time could be limited and terminal.   This is besides the fact that Matt is in the process of possibly selling the last stake of land that his descendants left to him and his family with Matt being the sole decision maker on whether the land can be sold to the largest bidder.  Of course many others are involved with this decision that could not only help Matt and his children never have to worry about money for not only them but the  extended family as well. Including  many cousins and family looking to cash in on this land with investors ready to pay top dollar.

When Matt  is faced with the grave assignment to speak to everyone in the family about Elizabeth’s future Matt becomes aware that his wife was actually living a double life.  As a wife to a husband that worked tirelessly on this deal for the family and a mother of three children this was not enough for Elizabeth.  She wanted a more independent life of meeting new people, partying a bit and mixing it up with others that Matt was aware of but maybe more than he ever thought.  Matt is a man who not only wants to see his wife live but work on a marriage that has been a struggle the last couple of years.  This accident was the last thing Matt was hoping for Elizabeth  and now she lays in a hospital bed with little chance of survival.  When Matt discovers more and more about his wife he and his three children decide to re investigate more and find out what their mother was really up too and in the end could make Matt re think everything he has ever done for not only her but the future of the Descendants.

Summing it all up “The Descendants” was a good movie and give it three and a half stars as I thought it was going to be a bit better after all the hype I heard.   I expected more but I fell asleep a few times even before concluding the movie, I think it was all that great relaxing Hawaiian music in the film, as  I still believe the movie is worth a watch and I still wanted to finish what I started.   The story is an original one that is not what you typically see these days and that is what is unique about the movie. George Clooney does a great job but his children are really the stars of the movie who become three private investigators who help their father find the truth behind their mother.  Children that at first did not have the greatest relationship with their father but now in a time of tragedy they become closer than ever to their father who is being bombarded with some of the most stress  he has ever faced.  A movie from the director of “Sideways” and “About Schmidt” if you like those movies and George Clooney then you got a good movie for you.

Sample of that nice Hawaiian music thanks to Spotify on Facebook

Dennis Kamakahi – ‘Ülili E – vocal duet with David Kamakahi

A little mix up of some great lines from the movie, ear muffs for the kids for some strong language, but funny.

Full Preview


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