Movie Review: 50/50

When mixing comedy and drama, it is often hard to blend them both and still have a successful movie.   In 50/50 we see that there can be a perfect blend of both and still leave you feeling the glass is certainly half full and not half empty.  Here is a review for the movie 50/50.

Adam is a young guy who always has played it safe.  Not willing to take too many risks in his life as he tries to live a healthy life.  Regardless of all the choices up till now Adam just found out that his latest back ache  is not just from the jogging Adam enjoys.

In fact Adam has just found out that his back ache is the result of a cancerous tumor on his spine  in which his survival rate with proper chemo therapy is a 50/50 chance of survival.  Adam is blown away by his latest news, that even he who has played it safe all his life does not know how to deal with this news.  Including those in Adam’s life for example, best friend Kyle, who really could use a lesson on biology, a girlfriend Rachael who is freaked out, a mother who already takes care of her Alzheimer plagued husband and father to Kyle and a therapist Katherine,  that looks and is more like a female Doogie Houser.   Perhaps the only people who seem to have it together around Adam are his newest friends, also diagnosed with terminal cancer he meets while doing his chemo therapy, Alan and Mitch. 

The best part of this movie is the characters and relationships involved in this story and how they all try to keep it together and try to stay positive the whole time Adam is going through the hells of chemo therapy and hoping that his cancer treatment is indeed successful.  The one who does the best at this is Kyle who sees this illness as a way to maybe help Adam see that his life does  indeed have issues, including his girlfriend, who Kyle has always seen as a bit of a selfish person and not really out for Adam’s best interests.   While Alan and Mitch help Adam see that his illness is indeed life threatening but should never take the  disease as an excuse to live life sick, helpless and insecure but to be brave, bolder and happier with what is indeed around him even if Adam thinks his therapist is still learning the ropes of treating people with cancer.  While Adam’s mother is as scared as anyone for Adam but can’t really share her feelings with anyone and is a stressed out person,  because mainly from her own troubles with her husband and his disease. 

Overall the movie is four star out of five.  Joeseph Gordon- Levett  as Adam was good as he was in “Inception.” Seth Rogan, who is starting to tire me with his similar roles, was a perfect fit for this movie as Kyle.  Anna Kendrick as Katherine who made her breakout role in “Up in the Air” is good again in this movie.  The two surprise  characters are Mitch(Matt Frewer) and Alan (Philip Baker Hall) who are some great supportive roles.  I thought this movie was really good and worth seeing if you have missed it so far.  I must say also the soundtrack is awesome and top-notch! 


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