Muppet Madness: A Review for “The Muppets”

"One more show"

The Muppets are back and ready to find the inner Muppet within you.  With countless years and years of zero blockbuster movies that fans were accustomed to when the Muppet Show was a TV  juggernaut ,  it is time a  new generation of fans are  sure to  be born after the newest movie “The Muppets.”   Here is a review for The Muppet’s movie and who knows? Perhaps a tribute to more Muppet moments from the past.   Hey, we are in March people March Madness, Muppet Madness it makes sense.

Walter and Gary are brothers that have been through everything together.  Gary has always been there for Walter, regardless if he is a Muppet.  Walter is just your average Muppet that feels out-of-place sometimes living in Small Town USA with Gary and his wife Mary.  Mary and Gary’s ten-year anniversary are coming up and Gary always wanted to take Mary to Los Angles for their ten-year anniversary.   In addition Los Angeles is also home to Walter’s favorite Muppets, the gang from the Muppet Show.

Gary and Walter loved the Muppets when they were a big hit with the Muppet Show.  Walter never missed a show  and he is their number one fan.  Gary decides to take Walter on the trip to Los Angeles so that Walter can see the original Muppet studio where the Muppet Show was performed. However Gary warns Walter that the Muppet Show has not been on television for many years and many of the Muppets have not been seen for years and  is afraid that Walter will be disappointed to see that studio is now a forgotten landmark.

Such a forgotten landmark  that the deed for the studio space for the Muppet Show is about to run out.  Walter stumbles upon Tex Richman and his Muppet henchman while touring the studio in a secret meeting that once the deed runs out on the Muppet studio it will indeed be his to control and despite his first idea to make the studio a Muppet Museum, yet Tex has some other more moniacle plans to tear down the Muppet Show studio  for good and turn the area into a new oil reserve.

Walter is stunned to hear this evil plan to destroy his once beloved Muppets that he must do something and try to warn the Muppets that their studio is in grave danger.  With the help of Gary and Mary the three try to search for the frog, the legend , the forgotten green one , the one and only Kermit the Frog.  The three do indeed find Kermit yet Kermit is not been keeping up with the Muppet gang much these days.  He in fact has also lost touch with the whole gang because Kermit and the Muppets have not been a popular trend in the last ten years and more.  Walter Gary and Mary need to really get Kermit out of his funk and get him to go find the rest of the Muppets and save the Muppet Studio before Tex Richman destroys the one thing still standing that resembles the Muppets and their legacy.

Kermit with the help of 80’s robot, Mary, Gary and Walter can only save the studio if they somehow raise ten million dollars before the deed runs out.  Kermit believes the only way to raise that kind of money is to put on one last show live in Muppet Studios.  Let the road trip begin as Kermit must go on the road and find his now long-lost friends  and put on one more show to save the Muppets. Will the gang be the same?  Will the show even be a hit considering the Muppets are a  thing of the past?  Will Tex Richman indeed be the one that destroys the Muppets once and for all including taking their identities and remaking a spoof group called the Moopets?  All the Muppet Madness can only lead  to this movie that is full of surprise guests, Muppet humor like fart shoes and maybe a few short musical numbers.

Overall the Muppets was a good movie.  I wouldn’t say it was five-star material, but it was good to see the Muppet gang back and give it four stars.  Jason Segel wrote the story of the Muppets and did a great job creating the new Muppet Walter and the story.  I just didn’t like how Gary and Mary in the movie acted like complete morons and were really not that funny.  The Muppet movies of the past used close to life characters and these characters a were a bit too phony.  Cris Cooper as Tex Richman was a big stretch for me, including his short musical number which was kind of a dud .  The best part of this movie was the fact they are trying to re-create the Muppet Show and that is what this whole experience was about remembering such a great show.     The kids loved it and it’s nice to see that a new generation is going to see the revival of a franchise that was starting to be forgotten.

“Favorite clip of mine a little Dirty Dancing humor.”

“Muppet Montage”

“We Built This City’


“Mahna Mahnam”

“Favorite part, Animal eating through the gate”

“Keep pretending and thank you Jim Henson.”

“One more tribute”

Jim Hensen September 24, 1936 – May 16, 1990


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