Penguin Pandemonium: A Review for Mr Popper’s Penguins

People who know me well, know that I always been fascinated by the penguin.  As a kid it was by far my favorite animal.  I had posters of penguins, my favorite team was the Penguins, my favorite Batman villain was the Penguin and his legion of flightless birds.  So what  a great opportunity to throw a post together that tributes my once beloved flightless bird and  a review for “Mr Popper’s Penguins.”

Mr Popper’s Penguins

The original story of “Mr. Popper’s Penguins” is from the once famous children’s book Mr. Popper’s Penguins written in the 1930’s.  It’s about time someone made a remake for new generations  to enjoy, but did they get it right?  Here is a review.

Mr. Popper or Tommy Popper (Jim Carrey) grew up admiring his once beloved father who he called the Admiral.  His father the admiral wasn’t home much as he traveled the world for the next big adventure.  Always away and always telling Tommy after the next big adventure he would return with even more great stories from his worldly travels.  However as young Tommy grew up he would grow up to be Mr Popper and really his father just never returned. Until one day when Tommy was now a wealthy business man  he would deliver a special gift that would turn his world upside down.

Mr Popper now is a grown up and has two children with a  divorced wife.  His kids sort of kind of don;t really like him as he kind of is a bore as much like his own father always working and never really tuned in to his children’s lives.  He does make attempts to see the kids on the weekends but the kids who now are older are still not  cool with their pops.

As stated earlier Mr Popper is delivered  a gift and unaware of what is inside he does know it is from his father.  He opens to find what looks to be a single penguin.  He actually think it is some sort of joke at first but then this joke is for real as this is a real penguin.  Surprised and shocked that his father would send a penguin to him  he does see that there is a note to respond to what is inside the package.

He calls some guy in a foreign land and the guy is not very good at English and Mr popper requests to have this penguin removed but of course the translator misinterprets and of course more penguins are then sent to Mr popper. Mr Popper who does live a luxurious building is not exactly ready to house a bunch of penguins but on the same day he is about to return the birds his son who is about to have his birthday sees the penguins and actually believes his father got these for his birthday.  His son is in love with all of them along with his sister who is quite fond of the birds so now Mr Popper is in a  bind.  Return the penguins and then have a very upset son and daughter who he is trying to at least give one great birthday for which many before he  screwed up.  For once, Mr Popper wants to try to keep his son happy as he remembers how his father let him down time and time again.  Mr Popper just became the adopted parent of these unusual birds with all unique personalities, but how long can Mr Popper keep these loud animals a secret as soon everyone will find out that Mr Popper does indeed have penguins.

While watching the movie I was waiting for Jim Carrey to do his usual over acting and over baring comedy but honestly he is a little more subdued in this movie.  The penguins are the comedy, he is here for the ride.   Sure Mr Popper loses his marbles towards the end but nothing like “Ace Ventura” or even “Liar Liar” where he takes the movie over with his physical and emotional humor.  This is a good family film and a break from all the animation movies that have dominated the family movie genre as a whole.  This is  a good movie and give it three and a half stars.  Lastly be sure to read the book or get it for the kids as they will enjoy all the goofy penguins.

“More Penguin fun!”

“More Penguin!”

“Mo Penguin!”

“Send penguin!”

“Captain on deck!”

“The Dark Knight versus the Penguins of Madagascar”

“The best Penguin of them all”


Thanks for stopping in more reviews to come soon!


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