Dude Flicks Volume Three: True Grit

Hope you enjoyed the first two volumes of recommendations as here is the latest volume, a review for “True Grit.”  I grew up watching many John Wayne films as my father was a big fan and now it’s nice to see one of his favorite movies get a re due  Have you seen it yet or have you seen it again since the last time?  If not you’re missing out on a great western movie made for today and a great dude flick.

1969 was the last time we saw Rooster Cogburn in True Grit played by the legendary actor  John Wayne.  Four decades later it is Jeff Bridges turn at a role that  defined a generation.  Call U.S Marshall Rooster Cogburn stubborn or maybe he just good at what he is, while everything and everyone else comes to try to knock him off his horse.   This story is about a unlikely hero helping an unlikely crusader for justice.

That unlikely crusader is one fourteen year old girl named Mattie Ross who tells this story and desires a man of true grit to help find the man that helped kill her father.  Her mother is still morning and her younger siblings look to Mattie as the leader of the family.  Quite a task for someone that is only fourteen but Mattie is not your typical fourteen year old.  She is powered by the  all mighty task of finding  a man named Tom Chaney.

Chaney is a criminal and in the old west  these men rarely worked alone as they normally were caught up in a gang of other criminals looking to stir up trouble wherever their spurs turned.  Mattie is not a one girl army but has heard of the man Rooster Cogburn who at a is prime was one of the best at seeking out men like Tom Chaney.  Mattie finds Rooster but he is hardly a man in his prime, but more of a questionable authority figure whose tactics are questioned by judges that seek out proper criminal punishment.   Rooster is really seen as a man no different than the men he kills for a living which probably leads to why the man enjoys his drinking so much.

Luckily for Mattie another man of the law comes through the town Rooster is at and he already is on Tom Chaney’s path because of a similar crime in his state of Texas.  LeBoeuf is younger and much more polished  than Mattie’s first choice Rooster yet LeBoeuf is not someone that enjoy babysitting a fourteen year old girl while trying to track down men that will kill anyone including a fourteen year old on sight the minute they realize they are being tracked.   LeBoeuf denies Mattie’s request to tangle along so Mattie has no other choice but to ask the run down Rooster Cogburn.

Rooster is as stubborn as a mule when asked to do a task especially killing a criminal for someone he does not know.  However Cogburn hears that a Texas ranger is hot pursuit of Tom Chaney and mocks the very idea of a lone Texas Ranger, whom he has seen in the past be as vindictive and persuaded to do wrong much like the criminals they follow.  Rooster finally excepts Mattie’s request but much like LeBoeuf he doubts Mattie is the kind of person that can shoot to kill when asked do so, so Rooster ditches Mattie at first but the equally stubborn Mattie catches up to not only Rooster but LeBoeuf who is tracking down Tom Chaney.  The three now become a trio to find the man that killed a girl’s father but are these three way over their head?

In reviewing this movie I got to say I enjoyed it very much, much like I enjoyed the original and give it four stars.  Jeff Bridges was unique in his portrayal of Rooster Cogburn but also respecting the former performance by still keeping many of the same attributes John Wayne brought to the character.  The young girl who played Mattie, Hailee Steinfeld was outstanding in her performance and made me want a fourteen year old girl with even half the true grit like her, while Mastt Damon was a good fit for LeBoeuf  Josh Brolin as Tom Chaney always plays the bad guy very well.  A movie nominated for ten Oscars in 2011 and over seventy five other awards is certainly worth your time.



Bonus Dude from the dude himself

Thanks for tuning in for my dude flicks!  Look for more action from the Kenny Critic Huge Movie Blog coming soon…


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