Dude Flicks Volume Two: Jackass 3D and A Very Harold and Kumar 3D Christmas

If you need some senseless humor,  a bit of a break from reality, then look no further than these two movies.  Jackass 3D is a bit older while Harold and Kumar is still spreading it’s wings just hitting shelves in the store now.  Why these two movies paired together?  Both are in glorious 3D, both are part of the Dude Flicks Volumes and both are going to make George Lucas turn his head as he never thought 3D would be used in this matter.  So suck it Titanic and James Cameron and your 3D epic adventures. It’s time to have fun and watch hours of senseless  humor, painful circumstances and a bunch of 3D that makes Hollywood rethink this whole 3d idea.

A Very Harold and Kumar 3d Christmas

If you haven’t see any of the Harold and Kumar movies then don’t worry you are not missing much.  It really is not hard catching up but in short Harold and Kumar are two great friends that have had some misadventures involving White Castle,  Guantanamo Bay and Neal Patrick Harris.  Okay still not making sense I know, but it is a movie for those who really don’t care about thick plots and stories overloaded with grand dialogue.

Harold is the more adult of the two characters who now finds himself in love with his lovely wife Maria.  Maria’s family is coming for Christmas and Harold has never met Maria’s family and now what better time than hosting Christmas at Harold’s beautiful home.  Harold wants everything perfect for his wife’s family and when the family does come there is one big problem.  Maria’s father is not really liking the fake Christmas tree that Harold bought from some Christmas catalog.  Luckily Maria’s father is very resourceful and brings his own pre grown Christmas tree to the house but with no decorations.  Harold feeling stupid decides he will allow Maria’s family to go out on Christmas Eve and he will have everything ready by the time  she and the family return for their big Christmas party on Christmas Day hoping to save the day and finally get respect and acceptance from Maria’s father..

Kumar is the less of the two adults.  He spends his day smoking marijuana and really making a good career of smoking marijuana.  His once beloved girlfriend Vanessa has moved out and Kumar is still sort of not handling his life the same way Harold has succeeded.   Kumar is really a mess and  actually has not seen Harold much lately as they are not as close as they once were because of the whole Harold trying to be a responsible adult.  A mysterious package arrives to Kumar’s door but has Harold’s name so he decides to take his mysterious package to his now long lost friend.

I won’t say what the package entails but as always, when Kumar and Harold get together something bad is destine to happen.  Something really bad happens to the new Christmas tree and now Harold only has a mere few hours to go get a replacement tree .  Kumar decides he must help solve his former best friends problem and help get a new tree before Maria’s family returns home.

Okay like I said the plot is not very thick but usually the Harold and Kumar movies are not exactly trying to win Oscars these days.  Most of the gang form the previous movies returns for some quick cameos while a few new faces join the cast.  Danny Trejo plays Maria’s father, Thomas Lennon plays Harold’s new best friend since Kumar is not around, while  Neal Patrick Harris plays himself and honestly he is as bad in this movie as he has ever been,  so watch out.

Overall I give the movie three stars as the 3D is a nice addition but nothing the movie really needed as it just gave it an extra boost.  Just do not let any children watch this movie is my final recommendation.

Here’s Neal’s take on this movie and the whole series in a nutshell.

Jackass 3D

Okay forget Jackass one and two and 2.5 this Jackass is the best and here is why?  I have never been a big fan of the whole Jackass crew but over time and seeing most of the gang grow up before my eyes it’s hard to not at least take a peak so instead of doing some long ass boring review.  I honeslty can;t get enough of this movie and I’ll just skip the review say Jackass 3D is worth your time and here is a bunch of funny clips from the movie enjoy! Jackass 3D three and half stars!

RIP Ryan Dunn

The  Blindside

One of my favorites

Duck hunting anyone?

Some music from Weezer

Here is some extras from Jackass 3D.5



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