One “Bad Teacher” and Three “Horrible Bosses”: A Duo Review Treat!


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“Bad Teacher” is a kind way of describing Cameron Diaz in her latest role as a middle school teacher in Chicago Illinois.  While be thankful for your boss today as the three bosses from “Horrible Bosses” will make you want to give them a hug when you return to work.  Here are two full reviews, sort of a trick or treat for the guests.

“Bad Teacher” Elizabeth Halsey is about to put in her resignation as her first year of teaching is about to end.  Elizabeth no longer needs teaching in her life as she is looking to settle down with here very wealthy fiance.  Summer begins and with teaching now behind her she can now look forward to all that money she can now spend on herself.  One problem the mother in law sees right through Elizabeth and sees that she spent a lot of money recently and her…

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