Ten Bad Movie Choices for Valentine’s Day

Valentine”s Day is pressure enough to find the right gift, the right message, the right number of flowers.  Here I can at least save you the agony of picking the wrong and right movie choices for your big date night.  All in good fun as always and please share for those who are movie impaired.

#1 Star Wars Episode I

“Hey babe want to watch Star Wars for Valentines Day?” “NO!” Yes guys it is tempting 3D and everything but unless your lady is down with Jar-Jar Binks then it’s a lost cause.”

#2 Braveheart

“Although this is a love story, your other half will probably not like the brutal battle scenes, men getting impailed up their kilt and did I say bloody.”

#3 The Break Up

“Yeah it sounds all funny and stuff with Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston but they name the movie this for a reason.”

#4 Misery

“Don’t give your lover a reason to take the relationship to another level.”

#5 Blues Brothers

“Your girl will be snoring while you are loving that awesome police chase.” “Here are some great lines.”

#6 Pretty Woman

“Look, I know females love this movie but let’s not give the impression that you feel like finding a street worker anytime soon.”

#7 Three Amigos

“Yeah I know.” “Such a great movie but save it for another day.”  “Probably a dude’s night kind of thing.”

#8 St.Valentines Day Massacre

Sorry guys once again. Unless your woman loves mob wars, Al Capone and tommy guns.

#9 Tron or Tron Legacy

“The nerdery just called and asked, that you” “Please get a CLUE as your lady next to you is asleep.”

#10 Titanic

“Look people it is a great love story, but Jack dies and dies a horrible cold death and many more people die horribly.”

Now here are some good recommendations now that I got your attention.

“The Notebook”

“Crazy Stupid Love”

“The Family Man”

“This is 40″

‘Silver Lining Playbook”

“Knocked Up”


“Swingers” You may learn a few things about being “MONEY!”

“Valentines’ Day” is okay not the greatest.”  “Still good for younger audiences.”

“Drive!”Trust me she will like it.”

“Twilight”, “If you are willing to take one for the team.”

“50 First Dates” or “Wedding Singer”

Just be careful as Love can stink!

Enjoy your Valentine’s Day people!


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