Oscar Snubs for 2012

Reviewing the Oscar nominations for 2012 and here are some of my immediate thoughts.  First off, every year there seems to be a film or two that don’t get the respect they deserve.  I know of  a few right off the bat.

First off in the Best Picture Category “Tree of Life”?  Yes, “Moneyball” deserves a nomination but “Tree of Life”? I  will be honest didn’t see it but that movie was hardly at the movies and  honestly no love to “Drive” who Rolling Stone wrote last month that is was their choice for Best Picture of 2011.   Plus “Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close” is just being released to a nation wide this weekend, so is it fair to say it is a nominee when the public has not even seen the movie? Yes, the Academy makes mistakes but you can see that the general public, who go to see the movies are not really a determining factor in the nomination process.



Albert Brooks got screwed after much hype as his portrayal as a mob boss in Drive.  Brad Pitt gets too much love for “Moneyball” and not even a whisper to Leonardo Di Caprio who made himself look like J Edgar Hoover in  “J Edgar”, one of America’s more controversial people of the twentieth century.  While if anyone beets Meryl Streep as the Iron Lady it would be a shock and it’s unfortunate because “Viola Davis” in “the Help” should be the real winner as she was awesome in “the Help” but Meryl wins everything so might as well just hand it over to the Iron Lady right now.

George Clooney should win for “The Descendents” in the Leading Role but the “Artist’s” Jean DuJardean might steal his thunder as “The Artist” was very loved at the Golden Globes this past month.

Ryan Gosling fans might ban the Oscars all together.  After getting a lot of love at the Golden Globes with two nominations, he couldn’t even muster one at the Oscars.  I just saw “Ides of March” and  I will agree that his performances in “Drive” and even “Crazy Stupid Love” were better. However  to not even give him credit for a strong year at the movies is sort of a slap at the face.  Now I hope he does skip the Oscars after not being in attendance at the Globes as he was working on another movie.

In the Best Animated Movie category  two movies were listed that I have never even heard of and my kids watch a lot of animated movies.  “Cars 2” was a scratch, as was “Arthur Christmas” and even “Adventures of Tin Tin” got no love.  Sorry kiddies and  how can “The Muppet Movie” not even a get a mention of any award!

While in directing David Fincher who won last year for Social Network gets the snubbed for the “Girl With  the Dragon Tattoo,” but hey he can sit with Steven Spielberg and make funny faces at the rest of the nominees.

In short and brief summary all-together the Oscars usually do a good job with nominations and after the Globes I felt things would get fixed, but this year I would have to say that they made more mistakes than in previous years.  Who were some of your snubs,  I could go on with some more but I will stop there and just say three stars to the Oscars of 2012.

Guess I just have to make my own Oscar nominations.  Stay tuned.

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One thought on “Oscar Snubs for 2012

  1. I have to agree with you on most of this – I haven’t seen ‘Drive’ yet, but was shocked that it and Ryan received very little Oscar love. I’m also appalled that The Muppet Movie isn’t nominated (aside from it’s Best Song nod). Thanks for the nomination summation : )

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