The Ultimate Duel Review: Hangover Part II vs Bridesmaids

2011 is gone now but before it is officially ova, there must be one final head to head movie match up to see who was the better comedy of 2011.  The results are in and by box office numbers alone the “Hangover Part II” and “Bridesmaids” were the number one and two movies in comedy for 2011.  Here is a duel review for both movies as  I compare both and see which one was really better. First up Bridesmaids.

Christine Wig makes her lead role splash in the movie that shows that girls do really just want to have fun.  Annie’s(Christin Wig) best friend Lillian (Mya Rudolph) has always been there for her all her life.  Now as they get older and lives have  become complex with lives further apart, the two still try to remain good friends.  Lillian then does the unthinkable and gets engaged and Annie is starting to feel life is passing her by as others around her are all exceeding in not only their careers but their social lives as well.  Annie’s only commitment is to a  man named Ted, who is hardly a commitment, more like a sex you later kind of thing.  In addition Annie has some odd living roommates that kind of remind you of those two off of “Alice in Wonderland”.

Lillian drops the ball that she is getting married and Annie is chosen to be the maid of honor.  Annie accepts but living outside of Lillian’s upscale social circle in Chicago is a bit intimidating for Annie.  Annie has not really meshed with the rest of the Bridesmaid yet Annie would never let her best friend go down the aisle without her on her side. Annie shrugs off her hesitation and off to Chicago to help with the wedding preparations.  When she meets the rest of the bridal party she is overwhelmed by the difference of personalities.  Especially Helen who has moved in as Lillian’s close work friend while Lillian has lived in Chicago. Then there is Brynn, the outrageous,  Becca a  newlywed who just loves the idea of any wedding.  While Jill is just a married woman trying to get through the day without killing her husband and two crazy children.

Furthermore Annie takes on lead planner for the wedding and let’s say the rest of gang doesn’t see eye to eye on the many decisions she has to make.  Annie wants a nice bachelorette party on the lake, while these girls want to party in Vegas baby! After so much scrutiny Annie does finally lose it as every plan or decision she makes for the wedding turns into a disaster but not without help from other conspirators to make her look bad in front of her best friend.  In all of this mess is it fair to say,”Will poor Annie get it together after-all?”

Overall the movie was funny at its moments that I felt were sort of already spoiled for me before I saw the movie because of so much hype and everyone seeing it.  I loved the airplane scene and Annie’s flip out at Rita’s bridal shower but I felt a little let down as I expected more but still it is a good movie and overall three and half stars .  More of a chick flick but still appealing to the male viewer.

Was it better than Hangover Part II? Here is my take on that right now!

Hangover was a box office smash and huge fan favorite movie.  Hangover Part II had to somehow find a way to tap back into the magic the first film made that movie goers loved to see and deliver once again.  Going up against the fad sequels are never better than the original the Hangover Part II is here and here is my review.

Hangover Part II does lead off from the original story as Stu is about to get married, but as we see in the beginning of the movie the Wolfpack has done it again.  They f**** up real big this time and this time in a foreign country, Bangkok and this time it’s Stu’s younger brother-in-law to be which is certainly Stu’s  worse person to lose as he is  a prodigal son to the father of the bride.

We then flash-backward a week to the day that Stu is telling Phil about this wedding in a foreign land.  Phil is outraged that this wedding is half a world a way and why not go do something more local like Vegas again? Of course Stu is not a fan of Vegas still getting over all the mental anguish and despite his best friend’s reluctance Stu wants this to happen and is going to Malaysia regardless if Phil and Doug are coming.

Hey what about Alan?  Well, Stu is still not quite looking to mend fences as Alan is not invited to the wedding as he is the last person Stu wants at his actual wedding across the world after the debacle and roofy incident in Vegas.  However after much pressure from Phil and Doug,  Stu is forced to ask Alan to come and even though Allan was hurt by his so-called friend for life to dis him, he of course gets his mommy to pack his bag and the Wolfpack is off to Bangkok.

The Wolfpack arrives in Bangkok and the wedding preparations are in full gear.  Stu is so against any kind of fun as he is a mere 72 hours to becoming a married man and he refuses to even sip on one drink and mess everything up that he has built with his fiance.   However Lauren the fiance tells Stu to at least go have a little fun on the beach and just have a simple drink with Stu, Phil, Doug, Alan and take Teddy her younger brother with them.  What harm could possibly happen as Stu finally agrees to go hangout for one drink?

Poor old Stu, we all know this one drink turns into a living nightmare.  The blackout has happened again and this time Teddy has gone missing and no one has a clue what happened?  Only waking up in a room they have no idea how they even got to the place considering they all were just thought to be hanging on the beach.  Alan is now bald, Stu has a wicked tattoo and Phil is oblivious to what happened and now having a new monkey friend and Mr Chow?  At least this time Doug is safe, but Teddy the prodigal son has gone haywire and what the hell is Stu going to do to get out of this one?

“Hangover Part II” was hilarious and was in my mind better than “Bridesmaids ” and in my opinion even better than the original.  This Hangover was even more raunchier and daring than the first movie as they made Bangkok their drunken playground and all rules were thrown out the window.  Thighland will never be the same after the Wolfpack, Mr. Chow(Ken Jeong) is back and better than ever, Alan(Zach Gakifianakis) is as funny as the first movie and we even have a new Stu song.  Lastly “Iron Mike” Mike Tyson does make his encore appearance as nothing is left out form the original.    I really enjoyed the movie and give it four and half stars and best comedy in 2011.  I got to say 2011 was a good year for sequels and let there be a Hangover Part III I’ll check it out..


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