The Change Up: A Great Pick for a New Year’s Movie

Before 2011 is good and gone make sure you see one of the best comedies of 2011 “The Change Up.”  Here is a review

Two guys who are two friends whose lives are polar opposite.  Dave is a family guy while the other Mitch is a bachelor living a very fast yet lazy life.  One who is a lawyer and one who likes to lie around on his couch and meet many women.  Two guys and two friends that despite their crazy lifestyles some how remain friends through the years. The two go out one night just to catch up and the two are about to change.

The two go out for some good old wings and beers and the two re-acquaint on their crazy lives.  After many hours of wings and suds they decide to return to their respected homes.  On their way home they stop at a mysterious fountain to release some of their own suds.  In this process the two in front of the statue do the one thing you shall never do as anyone who ever got jinxed before knows what I mean.  The two at the same time say they would really enjoy to be in one another shoes and all at once, the light go out for a sec all over and then the lights come back on.  The two figure some sort of power surge right, right!

The two awake the next morning to find themselves feeling a bit strange. They are not themselves as in they have totally switched bodies. In a Trading Places kind of way, but they are no longer their once beloved body they are each others bodies yet with the same mind. The two quickly confront each other as this is not good as these two just got the one thing they never expected a change-up.

Now despite their situation they must still move on with their now new lives. Mitch who must act serious for the first time in his life and tackle a multimillion dollar merger and tackles with  wife and kids. While Dave gets a shot at bachelorhood and maybe a good nights rest. At first Mitch and Dave run to the fountain to maybe reverse their fortune but much like we learned in the classic movie “Big” with Tom Hanks weird statues or fortune games don’t hang around for long as the fountain is now gone. The two have no choice but to live their lives within their new bodies until they can somehow track down the missing fountain. Let the comedy begin and “The Change Up” is now ready to teach these two a lesson about tampering with, be careful what you ask for as you never know what you are going to get?

Overall “The Change Up” was very amusing, fun and yes not quite original but still I enjoyed it enough to give it four stars in my book. Yes we have seen this before in movies many times but this one is a bit more R rated. It is not as cute as “Big” and much raunchier than the Fred Savage hit from the eighties “Vice Versa.” This movie is more like “Trading Places” and I guarantee it will be a fan favorite much like that film. Ryan Reynolds is hilarious in this movie and is more like the “Van Wilder” that we all enjoyed with when he was first starring in movies. While I have seen a few Jason Bateman movies and he is equally funny. While co-stars Leslie Mann and Alan Arkin are all good in their roles. If you need a good movie to watch for New Year’s Eve or a New Year’s kind of movie look no further than “The Change Up.” The story is good, funny and should keep people entertained for the whole ride.

Since were talking “Trading Places”, “Big” and some other “Change Up” movies here are some bonus clips of those movies.

“Chopsticks anyone?”

“Merry New Year!”

“Vice Versa!”

Sorry no “Freaky Friday” but check out a preview to “New Year’s Eve!”


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