Holiday Movie Extravaganza

Get ready it’s time my Holiday Movie Extravaganza!

Happy Holidays from Moose and the KCHMB

I wanted to do a special tribute for my favorite Christmas Movies of the past.  Most of these clips and movies are on your list of all time Christmas Movies. Anyway this for pure enjoyment for all you Holiday Movie Lovers.. .Merry Christmas!

“Elf is becoming one of those Christmas movies that you got to see once a year.”

“Don’t go with the substitute Santa as in the Bad Santa.”

“Go with the real “Santa Clause” as this is the whole film for you right here, “Sweet” “Well head to you tube watch it and then come back.”

Click the link for the whole movie, Tim Allen’s best work.

Make sure you invite all family members even Cousin Eddie

Even the Grinch is welcome to the Holidays despite his very strenuous schedule.

Watch movie here and may your Christmas be Grinchless. @youtube come on back for more remember Kenny sent you.

Just not Gremlins, they are not a fan of Santa.

This guy might not be perfect but he is top-notch in my book.

I still laugh to this movie and this is great

“Still my favorite Charlie Brown!”

“Leave it to the “Ref” to take care of Santa!”

Whoa where do you think your going this post aint over yet? There’s a Christmas Bonus! Darn you tube I need a Tylenol.

“I can’t swim Clark”

Get Down with Abominal

“The Family Man” is another great Christmas Flick

So get your caroling on..

Don’t to forget to Die Hard, it is one of the best Christmas Movies of all time

Remember to say. “Grace!”

and say “Merry Christmas.  Happy Holidays Feliz Navidad, Happy Hannakka, Happy Festivus, Happy New Year!”

Before you go if you stayed this long here is my Christmas Playlist of music,.  Figure let’s end this post with some Holiday cheer  blast.

This blog is dedicated to my family and all those who stop in.  May your 2012 be your greatest year yet and If you like movies comeback anytime for more reviews, tributes and if you have time stop int he new KCHMB movie store.  All movies from  I will be adding more all the time over a 100 Kenny favorites.


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