30 Minutes or Less: Movie Review

This past summer we had a lot to laugh about at the movies.  “Bridesmaids” and “Hangover 2” were the dominant favorites but how does “30 Minutes or Less” stack up against the heavyweights?  Here I will try to break it down in this review.

Nick is a pizza delivery guy who enjoys the high life.  Perhaps a little too much as no matter how fast he is at his job he just can never beat the thirty minute window.  Whether being too high or just too slow Nick has trouble delivering his pizzas on time.

Chet is Nick’s only friend as Nick is kind of  a loser but Chet and Nick have a bond.  That bond is Chet’s sister who Nick has always been a fan.  Despite Chet’s constant refusal of the dating situation between Nick and Chet’s sister Kate.

Then there is Dwayne and Travis.  Two guys far and away much different from Chet and Nick.  These two friends that are slow developing entrepreneurs live off of Dwayne’s once proud father who is tired of carrying a thirty year old baby, that spends more time playing with his best friend than being serious about life.  Father has had enough and wants Dwayne to be serious but Dwayne has a better idea to get his old man off his back and that is hiring someone to knock his father off, who is an ex marine I may add, and wanting to cash in on his father’s 10,000,000 lotto winnings.

Travis and Dwayne are prepared to do anything for that big money, so that they can concentrate on their vision of owning a tanning studio.  First they need money to hire a hit-man for Dwayne’s father and what better idea to rob  a bank?  However Dwayne is not the kind that just robs banks and Travis is just good at blowing things up in his spare time.  So they decide they will use the money they rob to first pay off the hit-man and second use the rest for their new business idea.

They figure they need at least a 100,000 dollars to pay off the hit-man and they still don’t know who to have rob the bank.  Because  you know great business thinkers have their employees do all their work so they call Nick’s pizza place and have him come.  Someone that does not know them and someone they can strap a remote bomb too and have them rob the bank for Travis and Dwayne meanwhile sticking it to the hit-man and then running off to brighter tanner bodied lifestyle without them getting their hands dirty at all in the process.

They call Nick’s pizza place and he comes late of course and Dwayne and Travis are in full costume to grab Nick and then strap a bomb to him.  24 hours, 100,000 dollars if no money then the bomb will detonate in that given time. Also with Travis and Dwayne nearby if Nick gets smart and tries to run then they will have no problem detonating the bomb now strapped to Nick’s chest.

Nick has no choice but to run to his friend Chet, who is a sub at a local school, and because Chet is a good friend he decides that his charma would feel bad if he let his good friend blow up in a million pieces.  Nick now has a partner but Nick is never on time and will he be able to deliver once and for all by pulling of a robbery of a bank and then getting the money dropped in the 24 hour period or before Dwayne and Travis blow the bomb?

Okay I want to stop there as the rest of the movie should be seen.  Think of this as a teaser but the rest of the movie is worth seeing.  I thought the movie was funny from start to finish.  As far as Nick’s character Jessie Eisenberg I wasn’t a huge fan, I thought he was past the whole stoner role as this is an Oscar nominee. He was better in “Zombieland” ” which this director is also known for doing.  However Aziz Ansari, Chet’s character, is hilarious and if you like him in the TV show “Parks and Recreation” you will enjoy him also in this movie.  Danny McBride is a personal favorite as I enjoy watching him in “East Bound in Down on HBO” as Kenny Powers as well as his breakout role in the movie “Pineapple Express.”  Nick Swardsen is a great sidekick to Danny McBride and Fred Ward plays the overbearing father better than ever. The hit-man is played by Michael Pena who is also from Danny’s show on HBO.  Overall the movie was good,  three and a half out of five stars and one of the more original comedies this year.  I thought this movie would have been a bit better as the end is okay but could have been better.  That’s what you get with comedies as they sometime don’t end as good as you would like them to end.  Will Travis and Dwayne pull off the heist and hit of the year?  Guess you will have to see for yourself.


One thought on “30 Minutes or Less: Movie Review

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