The Smurfs: Movie Review

“Smurf it,” here is an attempt to do a movie review for “The Smurfs.”  A story that brings our favorite blue little, dwarf like but loveable Smurfs to the big screen. Papa Smurf see’s a vision and everything they know is about to change.

Gargamel has always been a threat to the Smurfs.  He is fascinated with their Smurfness.  He wants to use Smurfs for his evil magic and with the help of his loyal cat Azrael they seek out to capture all the Smurfs. Papa Smurf foresees  a vision and when Gargamel comes to destroy their home to capture them Papa Surf and the rest run and when they go the wrong way Papa Smurf starts to realize his vision is happening now!  The Smurfs run from Gargamel and find a portal which takes them to another world. The new world is New York City and the Smurfs have arrived.  The  portal closes but long enough for Gargamel and his cat Azrael to enter them to cross into New York.  The Smurfs run from them and then find themselves in a new place with no idea to get back to their other Smurfs.

Papa Smurf, Smurfetee, Grouchy, Greedy, Hefty, Clumsy and Brainy need help to get home so they target Patrick.  Patrick has no time to help these Smurfs as he has a baby of his own on his way with his wife Grace and has a busy career in marketing.  Of course the Smurfs scare Patrick and Grace but these are Smurfs how can you hate a Smurf.  The Smurfs enter their home and eventually all become friends.

Meanwhile Gargamel is still in pursuit for his Smurfs, however he too has never been to a big city and nothing like New York City.  Gargamel being a wizard uses his magic to manipulate people with his powers and  with a recent finding of a strand of Smurffette hair Gargamel can now make  a special weapon to help capture and destroy the Smurfs once and for all.   Are the Smurfs doomed and will they ever return home?  Or will Papa, the rest of the Smurfs and their new friends in New York be able to out smart the clever Gargamel?

What the Smurf was that?  Well it’s the Smurfs how can you hate them?  Now many critics have gone out and disliked this film but my own personal experience and my helper critics are my kids and they loved this movie.    The animation was cool and the characters were just like how we all remembered them when we were younger.  All the actors and actresses like Katie Perry as Smurfette and George Lopez as Grouchy added to the Smurfs and their personality.  The very animated Hank Azaria portrays the character of Gargamel and he did fine, a little creepy at times, it’s Gargamel he lives in the forest and chases Smurfs.  Azreal was a cunning cat and always at his wizard’s side.  While I have seen Neal Patrick Harris done worse in his acting and Sofia Vergera was a nice surprise in the movie as one of Gargamel’s allies and Patrick’s demanding boss.  If you have children or are still at a child at heart go “what the Smurf” and watch “The Smurfs”.  Three out of Five Stars.


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