“Friends with Benefits” and “Crazy, Stupid, Love:” A Paired Movie Review Match.

Two reviews for a Holiday special for my fans.   Plus more as always promised for those stopping by the blog.  This is a review match destine for total destruction or a  match better than sex itself.  First on deck “Friends with Benefits” and then “Crazy, Stupid, Love.”  Full reviews and ratings for both movies.

“Friends with Benefits” is a story that brings two strangers together through one of life’s odd occurrences.  Dylan(Justin Timberlake) is a recently single guy getting recruited from Los Angelas to work in New York.  His corporate recruiter just happens to be  Jamie(Mila Kunis), a girl just trying to get her next client signed up for a new job.  Both have just got out of relationships and looking not only to make changes in their own lives but also change how they date period.

Now both of them are tired of the modern way people date and are tired of all the cliches that come along with dating.  Love is not a movie in their minds but more like a train-wreck ready to strike twice.  Jamie and Dylan have had some sort of similar awakening of the mind and are tired of the games couples play.  So the two hang out as two new friends in the Big Apple but then one big problem exists.  They still miss sex.

Now Dylan has only met one person since being in New York besides his co workers led by Tommy at his new employer and that is Jamie.  Dylan and Jamie don’t want  to cross the line as friends and take the next step into the bedroom.  Jamie then brings out the old bible app on her I pad and the two make a swear to only have sex for the benefit of sex and nothing else.   Keep it professional sex, right?

Things progress really well for Jamie and Dylan as two friends just making whoopy.  They carry this act successfully on but then parents and family get involved as well as Tommy finding out and they are all skeptical of them being able to pull this off without anyone getting hurt in the end.  Dylan and both Jamie get closer and still things are good but then Dylan opens his mouth in front of family letting them know this is just a fling and Jamie is too lost to even be considered anymore than a friend.  Jamie over hears this and despite her unwillingness to be attached to Dylan and still dating others she has become close with Dylan and to hear her so called friend blast her out in front of his peers makes Jamie feel sorely unappreciated as not only a romantic partner but as a friend she thought she had made at the very least.

The two cross that bridge that so few try to cross and in the end will this work?  If you like flash mobs you may like this one however  a rather predictable movie but the movie is full of funny moments.  Mila Kunis is rather sexy and Timberlake is a good paring for this movie.  Woody Harrelson as Tommy steals a lot of laughs in this one as Dylan’s homosexual boss and Jamie’s mother is a riot who adds some more humor.  Jenna Elfman plays Dylan’s sister who is one of the first to recognize Jamie as a perfect match for Dylan while Dylan’s dad played by Richard Jenkins was a big reason this movie was overall pretty good and give it three  stars.  Lastly Jason Segel plays a cameo that is in a way mocking the very existence of romantic comedies that is worth seeing.


“Crazy, Stupid Love”

Cal Weaver is a man married to Emily Weaver for the past twenty-five years.  Suddenly Emily has thought through the idea of getting divorced after confession of an affair with one of her co workers and now she believes it is the right time for separation.  Cal is stunned by his wife’s sudden ability to tell all and now after twenty five years Cal has to start all over..

Cal goes into instant depression and goes out to a local drinking establishment where he shares his latest tales of his wife’s indiscretion.  After many days and nights of Cal showing up a certain individual spots Cal.  A woman driven love machine named Jacob.  Jacob has noticed all the whining Cal has been doing since coming to the bar and seriously Jacob is tired of all of this happening to a man who has lost his way.

Jacob has noticed from a far and after many drunken speeches by Cal he decides that he wants to help Cal get his man hood back.  A rediscovery of what it is like to a real man and not what Jacob sees before himself with Cal.  Cal needs a lot of help and Jacob is going to help not only turn Cal into a new man but also show his ex wife that she made a terrible mistake leaving him for another man.

Enter Hannah an attractive girl that Jacob has recently spotted at his hottie den.  However this girl is much different as in a way that separates her from the rest.  She doesn’t quite buy what Jacob is selling as a glorified gigolo and finds it rather too much.  Jacob at first moves on to another conquest but Hannah’s life gets an unexpected turn and  makes her re think this new opportunity to get back at another guy she thought was a good match for her.

Meanwhile let the transformation begin for Cal as Jacob does his man make over.  Jacob re establishes Cal’s confidence by not only by recreating Cal’s appearance but the way he shares his sob story to woman about being left.  Jacob’s advice is less is more to woman and be the listener instead of the megaphone.  Look good and feel good and good things will occur.  Lucky for Cal things do start to work as he starts meeting other woman.

Okay the story sounds a bit boring.  Honestly there are many twists in this story that do make it a bit unique.  Cal certainly makes a transformation to a gigolo but when Jacob starts having feelings for Hannah who suddenly returns to Jacob the game plan to be with as many women changes and suddenly Cal’s wing man is a certain no show lately.  Cal is curious to find out why Jacob has gone missing.  Has love changed the game again? Once again Cal is stuck alone whie Emily is certainly curious to find out why her ex husband has suddenly become the hot topic of the town.

Now love in this movie comes form all angles and it’s not just Cal, Emily Jacob and Hannah. It involves everyone in this movie including Cal’s teenage son who has  a crush on the four year older babysitter.   Who in return has a secret crush for her suddenly single Cal.  While Emily is finding out that a relationship is more than just sex with her new acquaintance David who she had the affair with before the announcement of the separation.

All paths must collide as all of these characters cross paths and still there is one more secret that everyone watching has not seen.  There is one more twist between all of them involved and certainly Crazy, Stupid Love is a well deserved name for this movie.  Overall four out of five  stars and I thought the movie was different, unique and unlike what is out right now for this genre.  Everyone in the movie was great and recommend it for that next date movie or just something anyone can relate to in the crazy train  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eV23AytI0UI called love.


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