A Tribute to Richard Pryor


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Today is December 1st and even though we lost Richard Pryor in 2005 let’s celebrate today as today was his birthday.  I have followed him most of my life and for most of my life he just made me laugh.  Call him controversial, call him someone that had his personal demons with drugs, but overall he was an entertainer that paved the way for so many of today.  Today I solute you Richard and here is my best way I can a tribute to you with some of my favorite Richard Pryor moments. Now not for the kiddies this stuff has some adult language so be prepared is all I have to say.

Who said Richard never gave back to the kids.  Here he shows up on Sesame Street.

One of my favorite scenes ever Richard in the wonder wheel.  “The Toy” was a classic.

Speaking of classic Richard gives some tips to Gene Wilder being a black man.

Please face front, oh wait he’s death and he’s blind hahahhaha

Did you know Richard Pryor helped write the movie “Blazing Saddles.”  Mel Brooks thank you for allowing this part. I have a feeling Richard had something to do with it.

Here Richard explains racism in his own kind of way.

Now this is not Richard but my all time favorite Richard impersonations as Eddie Murphy talks to Bill Cosby and Eddie gets some advice from Richard.

30,000,000 in 30 days how I would love to do that and a great movie.

One more for Richard the Greatest Ever!

Here is an article I wrote about Richard Pryor a couple years ago.

Best Richard Pryor Movies

I will be adding some of Richard Pryor’s Greatest movies at the Kenny Critic Huge Movie Blog Movie Store very soon and make sure you take care of all of those die hard Richard Pryor fans out there this Holiday season.

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RIP Richard

Here are some more quotes by the great Richard Pryor brought to you by Brainy Quotes here is the link

Richard Pryor Quotes

For more Richard head here for more history pics and more laughs

Richard Pryor’s Bio

Who knew someone from Peoria Illinois would be named one of the greatest comedians of all-time.


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