Transformers: Dark of The Moon

In the 1960s there was a world race to the moon. Until now we only heard half the story, why?  Now with the help of Director Michael Bay with the 3rd Transformers we now know the real reason.  It was really because something landed on the dark side of the moon and we had to be the first to see what was inside a ship from another world. Sure not exactly, but in the world of Transformers let’s just say it works for now as I review “Dark Side of the Moon.”

The story of the third installment of the Transformers comes straight from our history books with a twist.  Guess what? Optimus Prime is ticked off as he has learned that the humans have mistaken the purpose behind the collision on the moon.  The humans and the government had been keeping a secret that they found a lost ship from another world.  The same world Optimus and his same mechanical friends escaped from to get to Earth.  Optimus is upset that the humans have misled not only other humans but the Autobots, as they thought that this missing ship was a distant memory form their home planet.

The missing contents of this ship have an ancient resident that narrowly escaped the Decpeticons destruction of Optimus’s home planet Cybertron,  This ancient was Optimus’s mentor Sentinel Prime and he was thought to be in tombed and long forgotten but now he exists and the Decepticons believe that if he and his legions are awakened they could now be used for their coalition for evil wrong doings.  Megatron and the Decepticons would love nothing else to use Optimus’s old mentor against his nemesis the Autobots.  With Optimus now helping the humans they do indeed awaken this long ally, but he has perhaps lost his ways of believing that the Autobots are still the supreme race and Sentinel indeed sides with Megatron.  Megatron and Sentinel create an alliance against the world and the Autobots.

Optimus is felt betrayed by not only the humans for hiding their secrets but now his own mentor Sentinel has decided to turn against him. Now that all Transformers are viewed to be an overall threat to the world because of this war among the Autobots and the Decepticons.  The government as a last precaution decides all Transformers proclaimed a danger to society and deported by the government.  Optimus the Autobots and their allies must make a decision to retreat form Earth but when Earth is attacked who else is going to help.  We better start kissing some Prime ace or we all are doomed.

Overall the movie was an action roller coaster.  It really is amazing seeing your toys as a child demolish one of the cities I call home Chicago.  I will say the movie helps connect to our inner youth however the movie was a bit dragged out.  Yes, the special affects were out of this world amazing but with most Michale Bay movies we don’t get the best dialogue among the actors. The movie is full of cheap laughs plus the movie is minus the leading lady from the first two movies yet it did add a few new faces. For example the great John Malkovich, a deceptive Patrick Dempsey and Francis McDormand who is the one who calls for the Transformer deportation.  I would have enjoyed to give this movie more love but three and a half stars is all I could muster.  The movie is better than the second movie and if you love outstanding special affects see it buy it or whatever this holiday season.  However if your looking for Oscar winning performances by the actors and actresses not the right film for you.


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