A Mickey Mouse Tribute/Royal Rumble

This may be a first time for something like this on this site.  While working on other reviews for movies this idea popped.  A Mickey Mouse tribute and a Royal Rumble at the same time.  “What?!  You crazy Kenny.”  No just wanted to give Steamboat Willie  and Mickey Mouse to shine and since this is a movie blog a few movies seen recently by Disney against some old classics. I just got done watching most of “The Wrestler” so maybe that had something to do with this idea. Also a preview to the new “Muppets Movie.”  If no one takes me I think I will cry, if you read this offer and request an invite I will not refuse.

Here are the wrestlers and the match ups


Cars 2

This movie is a lot of fun.  If you love mater then he is supersized in this movie.  yes the whole gang is back but this time Lightning McQueen has gone international.  He is competing in the world’s largest circuit race against the best cars in the world.  Lightning decides to take his best friend Mater for the trip and let’s just say japan has not see something like Mater hit their land since Godzilla.  Movie is great for all ages and give the movie 4 stars.  not as good as the original but Mater is really the features player in this movie.  if you like him you will like the movie.

Winnie the Pooh

Just saw the newest Winnie and how can you not like this movie. The original classic is redone for new generations and recommend to any boy or girl.  Ior loses his tail, Winnie loves his honey. Tigger is on the case Piglet is well nice and Christopher Robin is getting ready to start school.  How will all the animals take this news?  A nice short story but kind of glad didn’t rush out to the movies.  The movie seemed a bit short but if anyone else has something against Winnie the Pooh they can take it up with me.

Gnomeo and Juliet

This was a pleasant surprise for myself.  I didn’t expect much but this movie brings the William Shakespeare tail alive again for new generations to enjoy.  It’s Red versus Blue and nothing will stand in the way of this grudge match that exists among these Gnome neighbors.  The story goes right with original Shakespeare play of the Romeo and Juliet story.  Yes there are some more modern twists that make this movie more appealing to the youngster but the story will remind adults about the first time they read “Romeo and Juliet.”


Lion King

The  Lion King is one of Disney’s best movies ever! A movie that is filled with drama, comedy, triumph, sorrow, happiness and joy.  If you have never seen the movie play or any other form of this magnificent story do yourself a favor and see it.  Four and a half stars and the re release of the DVD and Blue Ray is a must collection for any Disney fan.


This is my favorite all time favorite Disney movie.  It might not be the greatest for others but this movie was my favorite as a kid and always will be.  Step off Dumbo, man I’m serious.  “You might have seen many things but for one thing sure you ain’t ever seen an elephant fly.”

Pete’s Dragon

What? Just an old classic Disney movie that my family watched many times.  Pete was a my favorite dragon as a kid.  This story was a great story about how no one believed that Pete was a real dragon.

Monsters Inc

Five stars gotta see it if you haven’t you can invite me over any time for a Monster Inc showing and i will be there.  Five Star movie five-star cast five-star story five-star Boo five-star Mike and five Star Sulley.

Toy Story

Why did it take so long for this movie to be created?  Every child dreamed their own toys would come alive, well at least when I was a kid and not now with Modern Warfare 3 being around.  I mean stories like this are special in the fact that Toys should be considered treasured but so many times they became target practice when we grew older.  We all either had a toy like Woody, Buzz or any other of the Toys and at times we were always ungrateful for the times we forgot to play with those classic toys.

Royal Rumble among these competitors would be a interesting scene.  Out of all of these Disney movies it’s hard to pick a real winner.  These movies are more than winning and losing they are stories that anyone can relate young or old.

Now that Muppets preview you came here for I know you want to see.

One more for the Mouse

Head to Disney.go.com for exclusive Muppet movie info and all the other Disney classics. http://disney.go.com/movies/index


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