Movie Review: Captain America The First Avenger

In 2012 we will see the emergence of the “Avengers.”  In order to build a hype next summer we saw two big players of the “Avengers” this past summer. “Thor” and now “Captain America” have surfaced and we are itching closer to the grand movie that will connect all of the Avenger players.  For now there must be a beginning and here is Captain America’s beginning in the movie review “Captain America.:The First Avenger”

Steve Rogers is your typical every day guy who want’s nothing more than to serve his country. During World War II, Steve just wants to join any of our armed forces that will take him.  One big problem or in Steve’s case a small problem, is him who is hardly a heavy towel when sopping wet, if you get my drift. He is short, small and not exactly what out fighting forces are looking for to fight one of the largest threats this world has ever seen in history.

Meanwhile Steve’s best friend, James has been accepted to fight in the great war while Steve is left to see his best friend off to a war where he wishes he could join.  Then as his best friend is off someone notices Steve a certain Dr. Arnim Zola who has been watching Steve from a far. He has noticed that every attempt to become a soldier has failed for Steve and this Dr believes he may be able to help.  Steve is then offered an opportunity for a special unit that is being developed that will turn this war for good.

Steve of course accepts this challenge as this may be the only way he can serve his county and Steve is off to a special boot camp where he meets Colonel Chester Phillips.  Colonel Phillips is in charge of developing a special unit of the army that will in fact change the way this war is fought creating a new soldier that will not only be quicker and stronger but mightier that what the enemy which includes the German special forces and military intelligence of the Red Skull.  An enemy to the Allies and a contributor of the Axis powers whom also are developing weapons of mass destruction at an alarming rate that could tilt the power struggle in this world war.

After much doubt by Colonel Phillips, that Steve Rogers is the the next greatest American hero of the world war against Germany.  Dr. Zola and a man who shouldn’t need any introduction Dr. Howard Stark are ready to perform a procedure to change Steve into the ultimate soldier. With a flick of a switch Steve is changed and many including Peggy Carter a military specialist assigned to Steve are impressed with this drastic change that makes Steve like a born again soldier.

At first the new Steve Rogers is still looked at as more a of a science project and less of a soldier according to his commanding officers. Steve becomes more of a side show that captures the attention of the United States but is hardly a respected soldier among his Army peers, especially going up against the forces of the Red Skull who continues their growing strength.  Steve will have to change the minds of those who doubt him again and show everyone that he is indeed the first avenger.

Overall the movie was a nice beginning but still more excited for the “Avengers.”  I give the movie four stars as I thought this story was good and the connection that leads Steve Rogers to the present Avengers is something the viewer should experience and not let someone like myself spoil for the rest.  You must see to decide and this is certainly a great new beginning to Captain America and the next chapter is what really everyone is waiting for next summer of 2012.

Not exactly the preview for Avengers but nicely done!

The real 2012 trailer added recently

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This post is done in honor of Veterans Day 2011. Make sure you thank a soldier and give tribute on November 11, 2011.


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