Movie Review: Zookeeper

Griffin Keyes is a good guy, a humanitarian and above all a Zookeeper.  He enjoys his job but one person doesn’t and that is his girlfriend. After facing the biggest rejection of his life will Griffin change his ways?  Here is more in my review for “Zookeeper.”

Griffin(Kevin James) works at the Franklin Park Zoo and five years ago he was rejected as he proposed to his girlfriend and she said “no” because for the fact that he was a zookeeper.  Griffin who really is a great zookeeper is still morning and now that his brother is getting married he is starting to think about making changes.  Seeing his brother happy and then seeing his ex Stephanie at the engagement party, who is now dating the very proud Gale(Joe Rogan). Griffin thinks he has no shot at impressing his lost love.  This girl really likes the luxurious life style and the only way Griffin can maybe impress her is to possible go to work with his brother at his high-end luxury dealership and leave his zookeeper days behind.

Sounds like Griffin is on his way out, but then the animals who have become to love Griffin as their zookeeper have been overhearing Griffin’s sob story for years now and they decide they must help.  Griffin has officially lost all sanity and is now talking to the animals and the animals believe that maybe if they help Griffin he will continue to stay as their zookeeper.  The animals who are led by the king of the jungle Joe(voiced by Sylvester Stallone) lion express their concerns to Griffin that he has lost all ability to attract females and must work on his game to finally get this girl.  Griffin who is desperate for help will try anything.  Can the animals save Griffin or will his lack of confidence and inability to impress Stephanie, not only lose his chances at her but make him more likely to leave the zoo for good.

Doing whatever he can Griffin takes all the advice his animal friends give and begins to make the necessary changes to finally impress Stephanie.  With this new power to listen to the animals Griffin has also learned to talk to one of his most silent animals a gorilla named Bernie(voiced by Nick Notle) who long ago got accused for attacking another zookeeper, Shane(Donnie Wahlberg)is now in total confinement.  Bernie who sits by himself in his private cage finally does start talking to Griffin explaining that he was wrongfully accused of hurting Shane and that he lost his trust with humans.  Well to gain some of that trust back Griffin does a special request for Bernie by fulfilling Bernie’s ultimate dream to go to TGI Friday’s. One of the best moments of this movie.

Now that Griffin has gained his confidence again with the help his of animal friends nothing can stop him.  He has re learned his male machoness and indeed has gone off to try selling Ferraris .  Of course Stephanie starts to see the new Griffin and even she is becoming more impressed while Gale is losing ground.  Have the animals done such a  good job that they have indeed pushed Griffin to no return to the zoo?  Even others at the zoo including the head veterinarian Kate(Rosario Dawson) is becoming more disappointed that Griffin may indeed be over with his zookeeper days.  Griffin could indeed be done but you can take the zoo out of the zookeeper but the zookeeper, still will be the zookeeper.

Overall movie was good and three stars in my mind.  It was a good family movie but reminded me of “Night at the Museum” movies which were great movies that this movie tried to borrow some of that magic.  The movie wasn’t as good as “Paul Bart Mall Cop” but still I think people will overall enjoy it as the animals are all hilarious.  All the voices used for the animals are all great and some of my favorites were Maya Rudolph as the giraffe, Adam Sandler as the monkey, Nick Nolte as Bernie and Jon Favreau as a bear who does his best “Swinger” advice for Griffin but as a bear.  He certainly has claws in this one, as his pal Trent has taught him well,  enjoy!

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One thought on “Movie Review: Zookeeper

  1. I agree that Mall Cop was a funny movie because of Kevin James’ slapstick comedy. I liked him in this movie too but he really had a good supporting cast as you mentioned which made the movie better rounded. I would buy this movie for my kids for Christmas now that our family has seen it. My kids were begging me to rent a movie and honestly I’m reluctant most of the time because most of them aren’t appropriate for my kids. I’m a very strict parent when it comes to what they watch but when I saw Zookeeper on my employee DISH Network receiver I rented it because I heard good things about it. I always rent in HD because we have a big TV and DISH always has the best quality HD available. The HD is free for life too for qualifying customers which always impresses me when I think about it.

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