One “Bad Teacher” and Three “Horrible Bosses”: A Duo Review Treat!

“Bad Teacher” is a kind way of describing Cameron Diaz in her latest role as a middle school teacher in Chicago Illinois.  While be thankful for your boss today as the three bosses from “Horrible Bosses” will make you want to give them a hug when you return to work.  Here are two full reviews, sort of a trick or treat for the guests.

“Bad Teacher” Elizabeth Halsey is about to put in her resignation as her first year of teaching is about to end.  Elizabeth no longer needs teaching in her life as she is looking to settle down with here very wealthy fiance.  Summer begins and with teaching now behind her she can now look forward to all that money she can now spend on herself.  One problem the mother in law sees right through Elizabeth and sees that she spent a lot of money recently and her boyfriend decides to call every thing off including Elizabeth’s lavish lifestyle.

Three months later Elizabeth has no choice but to return to the same school that she resigned from and Ms. Halsey must suck it up and teach again.  Her lack of motivation is shown on her first day as she puts on a movie for her kids the very first day.  Then Elizabeth spots her next possible way out of this so called Hell hole by spotting a new substitute who comes from another wealthy family Scott Dellacorte(Justin Timberlake.)  However big problem or in the case with Elizabeth her two small problems as Scott has a liking to very big breasted girls and Elizabeth is sort of lacking in that department.

Elizabeth decides that to compete for Scott’s money and love she must get a breast enlargement that costs nearly ten thousand dollars.  Money that this middle school salaried teacher hardly has and must go to extreme measures to making money real fast.  Ms Hasley transforms herself from a bad teacher to even worse teacher using school resources and parents to help get her much-needed breast enlargement procedure.

Meanwhile a fellow teacher, who reminds me of a teacher played by Molly Rinwold but not Molly Rinwold, is watching Mrs Hasley’s every move and better watch her back.  Amy Squirrel, who also has a fondness for Mr Dellacorte, is one wierd teacher that enjoys teaching and is questioning Ms. Hasley’s teaching style or lack there of this past and current year.  In addition Mr Russel Gettis(Jason Segel) the schools very proud gym teacher has always had an eye for Ms. Hasley but Elizabeth has eyes for only one man, Scott  Despite this constant rejection Mr. Gettis changes for no woman and will not sink low for Elizabeth Hasley.

If you can’t tell this movie definitely falls in the comedy realm and shouldn’t be a calling to our nations teaching problems.  Just a movie that shows how one Bad Teacher is willing to pull off anything to get her new large breasts.  A very funny movie with a lot of mature humor with a little day drinking in the classroom.  I really enjoyed the movie and give the movie four and a half stars!  You will be laughing at all of the teachers like Lynn Davis and the even Principal Wally Snur.  Kirk the roommate was by far the best character outside the school limits.  If you don’t like “Bad Teacher” then you certainly will revisit some of those memories of some of your favorite or horrible teachers.

Speaking of horrible, “Horrible Bosses” is far from a very horrific movie.  Here is a review for the movie Horrible Bosses.

Nick, Dale and Kurt are three friends with three similar problems.  They love their work and love what they do but their bosses are making their life at work a living nightmare.  Nick’s boss, Dave Harken runs a very succesful business and is looking to pass on the reigns of Vice President to Nick.  After long work and long dedication Nick sees the light as someone who goes by the motto kiss your boss’s ass and good thing happen.  Unfortunately things just got worse as Nick’s dreams go up in smoke when Mr Harken decides to not only stay as president but also takes a minimum pay increase to take on the job of vice president.  Nick not happy!

Dale’s dilemma may not seem horrible for you but for him he is a guy who just wants to enjoy his new lifestyle as a happily engaged man.  Unfortunate for Dale his boss Dr. Julia Harris, a proud dentist of the community, is a very seductive boss who wants to play dirty with her favorite dental assistant Dale.  Dale just wants to work without Dr Harris showing up naked, but he is handcuffed because of his own questionable past that prevents Dale from speaking out against his boss.

Meanwhile Kurt loves his work and has a great boss.  Kurt looks to be the next top dog at his boss’s, Mr Pellit succesful small business.  Only one huge problem.  The great fantastic boss of Kurt dies suddenly and the company decides to leave the company in the hands of Mr Pellit’s son Bobby.  A son who wants nothing more than to party in his dad’s private bathroom and take his role as boss as a demonstrative asshole who cares for no one.  Unless you are ridiculously good-looking.

As you see three friends with three similar problems.  Three Horrible Bosses and three men who demand a change.  Good thing Dean MF Jones enters and helps Nick, Kurt and Dales life as a murder consultant.  Actually just a guy at a local bar in the rough part of town who looks to just help his own pocket book. Thankfully for MF Jones these three are desperate to improve their current work situations and will listen to anyone for help.  The three and MF Jones come up with a plan for each of them Dale, Kurt and Nick to take out each other’s boss good old Throw Momma from the Train style.  Good old criss cross murder plan sure to be succesful.  Oh wait this is Nick, Dale and Kurt three guys hardly ready to be America’s Next Most Wanted Criminals.

Overall “Horrible Bosses” was good from beginning to end. It was worth the time and something different for once as a comedy. I will give it four stars and say that the movie could have been a slight better.  Collin Ferrell and Jamie Foxx were my favorite characters but nice to see Charlie Day in another good movie and Jason Sudeikis along with the ride.  Jennifer Aniston plays a very nice naughty dentist while Kevin Spacey as Mr Harken is spot on again in a movie.  Jason Bateman has had better roles but still not too bad.  Horrible Bosses is a top-notch comedy!

Get your Horrible Bosses or Bad Teacher DVD/Download/Blu-Ray at the link

Get your Horrible Bosses or Bad Teacher DVD/Download/Blu-Ray

2 thoughts on “One “Bad Teacher” and Three “Horrible Bosses”: A Duo Review Treat!

  1. I just caught “The Muppets” last night and I *loved* it! Amy Adams and Jason Segel did such an amazing job! And of course the muppets! It made me nostalgic seeing them in a big time movie again. Me and my parents laughed a lot through the entire thing! I just wish there was more Gonzo. 🙂

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