Movie Review: Scream 4

The Ghostface killer is back to carve up some new bodies just in time for Halloween.  Did I scream or did I just see the same thing for the fourth time.  Here is a review for Scream 4.

This time it is ten years since the first anniversary of the very first killing by the Ghostface killer. All of the familiar faces are back from all four movies and all have certainly gone down different paths since. Sidney Prescott is now a New York Times Best Selling Author, who now writes about not being the victim anymore.  Dewey is the new head cheese as the sheriff of Screamville USA.  While Gale Weathers his beloved wife of now many years is struggling to find her next big story.  “Stab” a movie series based on her story of the original story from ten years ago has now reached the Jason and Freddy level of many sequels and rewrites that have dulled her brand.  Now she looks for a different story to write but sometimes you just got to stick with what your good at.

Lucky for Gale Weathers the new Ghostface killer is loving the fact that it has been ten years since his inception and what better time to do some carving of some high school kids once again.  After a duo of girls gets killed similar to the same way they die in the latest Stab movie, everyone is a suspect again yet with a twist, with some fresh faces which creates more mystery about who might be the Ghostface killer.

Mysterious people like Charlie and Robbie a couple of high school kids who coordinate a recent Stab fan group that use after school hours to talk about Stab movies.  Sydney’s cousin Jill who might be a nice runner up prize prize for Ghostface, if Sydney is not willing to die anytime soon.  Kirbie, Rachel’s best friend and then there is the weird boyfriend of Jill, Trevor which reminds Sydney of her original strange relationship with Billy from her very first experience with Ghostface.  Even Dewey’s new deputy Judy seems a little off.

Ghostface is certainly giving back to the community in this latest Scream, if that means wiping out anyone who is in their way of the one prize that they have never gotten, Sydney Prescott.  This latest Scream may be more bloody and filled with more deaths than ever before, as every anniversary of the Ghostface should be a very bloody one.  The beginning of this story is slow but does pick up towards its conclusion.  It was better than Scream 2 and 3 but a far cry to the original Scream.

Overall this movie was okay but I give it two and half stars because I am tired of the whole Dewey and Gale characters.  Even Sydney’s character was a little lame.  In all honesty this movie might of been better if all three had lesser roles.  Now to say this it for the Scream movies, is not the ending I want as a fan of the series either as Wes Craven is as good as it gets with horror movies and should still make more Scream movies.  I just feel since they were able to put more younger faces in this latest version, that should be the way the series should continue.  Yes Dewey, Gale and Sydney can maybe make a couple cameos but to surround this franchise around them every time just seems too much for fans to swallow every time. Even if the intention was for going back to the original fans as this movie tried to bring back in this latest installment.  If this Scream franchise wants to survive it may need some retooling.  Ghostface is the star now much the same as Freddy, Michael Myers and Jason are in their horror movies.  Mr Craven needs to go back to his original recipe of mixing up his stars of his movies as that is what kept his movies fresh every time.  Sorry Dewey but you gotta go!


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