Movie Review: Drive

Is it me or do ladies have Ryan Gosling fever?  I will say yes, based on my social observation and in the movie “Drive” Ryan Gosling is the main character who is driven to drive.  A professional stuntman driver who takes his work home with him and this time he might not be able to drive away.  Here is a review for “Drive”.

First off, Ryan Gosling has played many roles and this one will be recognized as another great on his resume.  Now I’m not a huge fan of Ryan but lately he has been in movies such as “Blue Valentine and “All Good Things” which have brought out a more darker side.  In this movie the Driver is as good and as bad as all of these roles combined.

The Driver(Ryan Gosling) as said prior is a a stuntman driver for movies but also gets side work as a get away driver through his guy Shanon (Bryan Cranston). The Driver’s job is to only come to pick up and drop off and nothing else.  He does not care what you are doing as long as he first gets paid and second no word be told of him as his side job as a get away driver.

The Driver is the best at what he does and now with his reputation doing all the talking his latest task has got him more involved than ever while trying to help a struggling family.  This family involving Irene(Carrie Mulligan) however has become a distraction for Shanon’s boss Bernie Rose(Albert Brooks) and Nino (Ron Perlman) who are investing money into Shanon and the Driver as a new stock car team.  The Driver now is in the middle of doing his job or trying to help and he finds himself in the middle of something putting everyone involved at risk.

Overall “Drive” was four stars.  It was good enough to watch again and I really enjoyed the characters in the movie.  At times the Driver is dark and at times he is a good guy.  He probably could use a wardrobe change halfway through the movie but the grey coat with scorpion logo on the back will be a fresh looking Halloween costume this year.  This movie came out at the right time as it goes with the kind of movies out this kind of year which are dark and mysterious. There is plenty of action in this movie and the way the film was done is sort of a throwback, not quite like the “Transporter”, but more like a good old “Dirty Harry” movie.




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