Movie Review: Rio

Not all birds know how to fly. Penguins are the most well known grounded birds in the world.  Although when a bird is born smack dab in the middle of the jungles of Rio De Janeiro Brazil, you would imagine that all the birds there need to fly for survival.  In the case of Blu, he just never had the need to learn to fly.   Here’s why and a review for the movie Rio.

Blu was born in the jungles of Rio but when trappers capture him as a baby bird he never gets the chance to learn to fly.  Instead the trappers send him off to the lovely frozen tundra of blustery Minnesota USA.  Thankfully for Blu the right person finds him the sweet, warm-hearted Linda.  Together they become quite the duo and the two become not only companions but are never apart in each other’s lives.

Fifteen years down the road later Blu is now liking his domesticated lifestyle. Sure he lives in the cold most of the year and Linda keeps him warm in her house, slash bookstore, where they both live together.  Now Blu is older and he has discovered his voice the voice of Jessie Eiesenberg.  However his voice is not ever heard by humans like Linda, he is still a bird and makes most noise a blue macaw would make as his voice is only heard by other animals of the wild or the pigeons Chloe and Alice across the street.  Well thank you for once, people who make these animated movies, that act like everyone can just have a normal conversation with a blue macaw.  Realism makes this movie Rio a bit better.

Then one day a man named Tulio,  who appears to be from far away comes to Blu and Linda’s bookstore.  He comes from the land of Rio De Janeiro and he has traveled thousands of miles to find Blu as he is the last male blue macaw of his species in the world.  Tulio offers a wonderous proposition to Linda and Blue to take him back to Rio and have him meet the one and only female blue macaw so that the two can keep their species of the blue macaw alive in the jungles of Rio.  The proposition becomes to good to pass and Linda, Blu and Tulio are off to Rio.

Blu returns to Rio for the first time since he was a baby macaw and now is under the enormous pressure of meeting this very last female bird.  On his way to meet his arranged hook up he meets a couple other inhabitants of Rio Nico(Jamie Fox) and Pedro(Will i Am) who welcome blue with not only open arms but willing to help Blu escape his predicament.  Blu acknowledges his new acquaintances but understand the importance of his mission to meet this last female blue macaw.  Now this last female macaw is not looking for a mate but this macaw, Jewel(Anne Hathaway) is looking for an escape from this arranged non autonomous relationship.  In actuality  meet and the only thing Jewel wants to do is to escape.  Jewel doesn’t trust humans, as she has lived in Rio all her life and understands that humans are the ones that trap birds like them.  Now Tulio is of course a good human but Jewel fails to see this and when she and Blu attempts to escape someone else comes and steals Blu and Jewel. 

Blu and Jewel are stolen from the lab from a boy named Fernando who works for Marcel, Tipa and Armando.  These people are trappers the same trappers that sell exotic birds for large amounts of money to people all over the world.  Kind of like black market bird hustlers who also have a  very clever bird of their own called Nigel.  Nigel is an older white cockatoo that is as cunning as his boss and might be a bird but has the brains that Tipa and Armando fail to have.  Now Jewel is a fighter while Blue is still a bird who can’t even fly and Jewel finds this out the hard way.   

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Jewel not only must save Blue from his now scary predicament but also Blu is scared not to see his companion Linda ever again.  The two must escape Nigel and the trappers and do get help along the way from earlier mentioned Nico and Pedro,  a tucan named Rafael (George Lopez), who is trying to just help as an escape from his tucan wife and seventeen babies and Luis(Tracy Morgan) a dog along the way that helps and is a funny character in the movie.

Overall Rio is great for the kids, mine enjoyed the movie and were asking to take a trip to Rio and for that, four out of five stars in my power rankings.   Might have to save up for that trip but certainly going to have to take a trip to Rio in the future.  Bird lovers will enjoy this movie as well and animation is as colorful as the characters and all are unique.  Lastly don’t forget the monkeys they are a riot and Rio deserves a view after this review.

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