Three Short Reviews: Something Borrowed, Take Me Home Tonight & Everything Must Go

Here are three short movie reviews for “Something Borrowed,” “Take Me Home Tonight” and “Everything Must Go.” I was willing to watch despite the pain and suffering.

“Something Borrowed”

Based on a novel, “Something Borrowed” is for every lady that enjoys the classic chick flicks.  Girl one, Rachel(Ginnefer Goodwin), is best friend with girl two, Darcy(Kate Hudson), girl one meets new boy Dex(Collin Egglesfield), while at law school. Girl one starts to like boy but when girl two meets boy, girl two gets the guy and now years later are about to get married.  Now fiance Dex to girl two, finds out girl one likes him and is now second guessing girl two.  Meanwhile guy two or everyone’s favorite Jim aka John Krasinskii aka Ethan is stuck in the middle of all of this as Rachel’s best friend and colleague.  Oh and Ethan has a girl that won’t leave him alone.  Overall three star movie with some funny moments and every girl one and girl two should get together and watch this but guys beware total chick flick.

“Take Me Home Tonight”

Starring Topher Grace “Take Me Home Tonight” is that movie that brings us back to all those classic John Hughes high school movies of the 1980’s.  Topher’s character Matt Franklin is that lost young adult not sure what is next for him and works at a local record store.  There he runs into his long lost crush from high school Wendy(Anna Ferris) and gets invited to a big high school reunion party happening over the weekend.  He and his best friend Barry(Dan Fogler) decide of course go to this party as this is what Matt Franklin has waited for since high school to impress the girl of his dreams.  However being that guy from the record store might not be enough to impress as he and Barry make up false personas for acceptance from the classy people Wendy hangs out with daily. When this one reunion party leads to a night of much more parties, stolen cars, crazy women, drug induced humor and even a giant metal ball this may be more than what they can handle.  Matt begins to get Wendy’s attention and things are looking good as this fake persona yet is he willing to tell her the whole truth?  While Barry is using this night to redefine his own life that recently took a downward turn and he is open to anything to help his best friend.  Overall another three star movie and might be something to look back down the road.

“Everything Must Go”

I said I would do it and I did. I watched “Everything Must Go” last night and honestly not bad, just don”t expect too much from this movie.  I see why it didn’t attract wide audiences as this story was not your typical summer blockbuster.  Nick Halsey, Will’s character is more resemblance of Frank the Tank from “Old School”, who goes through a rough day where not only he loses his job but his wife runs off and decides to throw all of Nick’s property on his front yard and lock him out.  Nick is a mess and decides drinking is his best friend for now, until he runs out of beer and he still living in his front yard.  Nick meets Kenny a local neighborhood kid who decides to help Nick get rid of his stuff as now he only has five days to get rid of everything as he can’t just live on his front yard forever.  There is a woman neighbor Samantha(Rebecca Hall) that helps console Nick’s character and Nick is finding out the truth every day why his wife really left him and is becoming bitter towards everyone including Samantha yet then realizes in his downward spiral that everything must go is a new beginning that might be the only way for Nick to get back up on his feet. Overall I recommend the movie and give it three stars. If you like Will Ferrell humor you will enjoy it.


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